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The Angels Take Manhattan

"Oomph!" Rory let out a grunt as he hit the floor, well, the mat-like floor...again...for what must have been the 10th time in an hour.

He winced as the tip of a blade lightly came to rest on his neck, "Best 10 out of 11?" the Professor offered, smirking down at him, holding her sword at him, dressed in her usual attire except without her jacket or skirt, just her black shorts and tank top.

"No," he pushed the blade away carefully and struggled to get up, flinching, knowing he'd likely have bruises despite the padded floors. He rolled his shoulder, he'd landed on that one about 4 times, though he slowed when he saw the Professor sneak her foot under his fallen short sword and kick it into the air, grabbing it by the hilt to hold out to him.

"Show off," he muttered.

"Please?" she gave him a small pout, "I haven't had this much fun in ages!"

"Thanks!" the Doctor called from above them, a pout of his own in place. He and Amy were watching the small sparring/duel from above. It was a small room the TARDIS had made, circular, with a mat-like floor, there was a small walkway right when one entered, steps on either side of it that led down to the room from which others could observe.

The Professor had been begging Rory for a duel with short swords since he revealed that he DID remember his life as a Roman. It seemed she had finally broken him down about it. He'd agreed to duel her, beginning by saying that he didn't want to hurt her so if he got too rough to…

She'd had him on his bum before he could finish talking, laughing about how he should never underestimate his opponent.

He'd gotten up and they'd fought…only to realize the Professor really did have quite the advantage over him. So much so that, at one point, she'd fought him with an arm literally tied behind her back, then with the sword in her 'weaker' hand, her legs tied together, blindfolded, among many other methods and all ended with the same result, Rory on his back, the wind knocked out of him.

He'd done much better that last go though, he'd lasted a full 5 seconds longer!

"Well YOU don't spar with me," she called up to the Doctor, moving to put the short swords away, seeing Rory a bit worn.

"That's because I'm a lover, not a fighter," he nodded, proud, straightening his bow tie.

She scoffed, "I know very well that you used Venusian Aikido in your 3rd body," she pointed up at him, "YOU just got too rusty," she crossed her arms, "I doubt you even remember it…"

"Oi!" he started heading down one set of stairs as Rory took the opportunity of the Professor's distraction to make his way up the other set, "I'll have you know I haven't forgotten a thing!"

"Really?" she smirked, "Prove it," and got into the perfect starting Venusian Aikido position.

He cleared his throat and pointed at her in warning, "I don't want to hur…"

Only to find himself being flipped over the Professor's shoulder as she grabbed his pointing arm and threw him over her.

He landed just like Rory, with an 'oomph' on his back, the wind knocked out of him.

The Professor laughed, "The Professor 1, the Doctor 0," before biting her lip, "Sorry dear, did I hurt you?"

"No!" he wheezed, "No, no, perfectly fine," he waved her off.

"Right," she nodded, before sighing, "I suppose you won't need a kiss to make it better then…" and turned to walk away.

"OW!" he cried, "Oh the pain!" he put his hand to his chest, "I do believe I've strained something," he peeked up at her as she walked over to him, amused, "In fact, I am so hurt that I can't possibly get up…"

She laughed and shook her head, kneeling beside him, leaning down to kiss him…only for him to turn, pulling her with him until he was straddling her, his hands holding her arms down on either side of her head.

"Ha ha!" he cheered, "And 1 for the Doctor!"

She raised an eyebrow, before shooting him a devious smirk that worried him for only a moment…

When she twisted, rolling him onto his back, straddling HIM this time, pushing him into the same position, "I believe that's 2 for me, 0 for you."

"Oh you think?"

Now it was HIS turn to smirk as he sat up quickly, pressing his lips to hers, startling her as he kissed her deeply.

"Now would be a good time to leave, right?" Rory whispered to Amy, the two of them seeing the Time Lords getting a bit lost in their kiss.

"Yup," Amy nodded, taking his arm to lead him out, "We should try and sneak some ice into that picnic basket…" she murmured, patting his sore arm as they quickly left the Time Lords to their moment, knowing they should probably remind them, after they'd taken care of Rory, about the picnic in Central Park they'd promised…though, judging by the very happy sounds the Doctor was making, they would probably have to wait a while more for that…


The Doctor was lying on an old, worn blanket draped over a large rock near a duck pond in Central Park, New York, circa the modern era, his head resting on the Professor's lap as she held a book in her hand, reading to him as she absently stroked his hair with her other hand. Amy was behind her, her own book in hand, round spectacles on her face, while Rory sat nearby basking in the sun, relaxing after a trying workout with the Professor.

"'New York growled at my window," the Professor read, "But I was ready for it. My stocking seams were straight, my lipstick was combat ready, and I was packing cleavage that could fell an ox at twenty feet…'"

"Professor, you're doing it again," Amy complained.

She laughed, "I'm reading to the Doctor."

"Aloud. You promised you would do that whole silent telepathy thing."

The Doctor rolled his head to look at Amy, "There's something different about you, isn't there?"

"What's the book?" Rory looked over.

The Professor held it up for him to see, not that he could really make it out. It was a yellow cover with a woman dressed in late 30s garb, her cleavage peeking out of her dress, her head bowed with a fedora on her head, blowing at a smoking gun, "'Melody Malone.' She's a private detective in old town New York."

"She's got ice in her heart and a kiss on her lips, and a vulnerable side she keeps well hidden," Amy near-recited.

"Oh, you've read it?" the Doctor looked at her again.

"The Professor read it. Aloud. And then you went 'yowzah!' And she hit you with the book."

"Only you two could fancy and be jealous of someone in a book," Rory laughed.

"I don't fancy her," the Doctor scrunched his nose this time, making the Professor laugh, he was adorable, "I'm impressed with her."

"Oh are you?" the Professor smiled.

"She reminds me quite a bit of you…maybe she's a future incarnation of you!"

She laughed, "Oh I doubt it."

He pouted, "Why?"

"Because my love," she smiled fondly at him, wickedly, "You'd never let me leave the TARDIS dressed like she is on the cover…actually, you'd never let me leave the bedroom."

"Ooh," Amy laughed, "Can we see the cover?"

"No," the Doctor blushed, "No, the Professor's busy reading the story…it's your hair!" he pointed at Amy suddenly, trying desperately to change the topic, "Is it your hair?"

"Oh, shut up," Amy rolled her eyes, before pointing at her face, "It's the glasses. I'm wearing reading glasses now, on my nose, see? There you go."

"I don't like them. They make your eyes look all liney…" the Professor flicked his ear and he winced, realizing what he'd said, "No, actually, sorry. They're fine. Carry on."

"Ok," Rory cut in, seeing Amy about to kill the Doctor for commenting, indirectly, on her age, "I'm going to go and get us some more coffee. Who wants more coffee? Me too. I'll go!"

"Rory," Amy called, making Rory pause in his goings, "Do I have noticeable lines on my eyes now?"

"Yes," the Doctor answered as the Professor shook her head at him, laughing when Amy whacked him with her book too.

"No," Rory answered quickly.

Amy frowned, eyeing Rory's back as he had yet to turn around, "You didn't look."

"I noticed them earlier," he commented, before wincing, "Didn't notice them. I specifically remember not noticing them."

"You walk among fire pits, Centurion."

"Do I have to come over there?" he glanced at her.

"You can if you like."

He smiled and walked over, "Well, we have company."

"I'll get the Professor to babysit," Amy smirked, leaning forward to kiss Rory as he crouched down.

"Oh, do you know, it is so humiliating when you do that," the Doctor commented.

"Like you can talk," Amy laughed, pulling away, "As I recall, you and the Professor are the reason why people have to kiss under the mistletoe."

The Professor had to laugh at that, they'd accidently started that tradition a few weeks/centuries back.

"Coffee?" Rory cut in again.


"Make hers a decaf," the Professor told Rory with a nod at Amy, "She's worked up enough."

"Oi!" Amy whacked her in the shoulder with her book as Rory laughed and headed off.

"Can I have a go?" the Doctor sat up and put Amy's reading glasses on his nose.

"Is it your turn then?" the Professor asked, moving to switch positions with him, resting her head in his lap now.

"Exactly," he gave her a quick peck before taking the book and looking at the words, "Oh, actually, that is much better. That is exciting."

The Professor laughed, "All those incarnations of you using glasses to look clever, and now you might actually need them."

"Come on," Amy laid down, closing her eyes to bask in the sun, "Read to us."

"I thought you didn't like us reading aloud," the Doctor smirked.

"Shut up, and read us a story. Just don't go 'yowzah.'"

"I second that," the Professor added.

"I only 'yowzah' for you my dear," he promised her.


"No more flirting!" Amy shouted with a laugh, "Just read the book!" the Doctor chuckled and tore out the last page, making Amy crack open an eye to stare at him, "Why did you do that?"

"He always rips out the last page of a book," the Professor replied, "Even in the Academy. You have no idea how irritating it is to get to the end of a book and for there to be no ending."

"That's the whole point!" he cheered, "Then it doesn't have to end. I hate endings," he put the page in their picnic basket before clearing his throat and starting to read, "'As I crossed the street, I saw the thin guy, but he didn't see me. I guess that's how it began…"


They had moved to a small bridge across the pond, Amy looking down from one side, following the ducks to the other, as the Doctor sat on the railing, his arms around the Professor as she stood before him, the Professor back to reading, "'I followed the skinny guy for two more blocks before he turned and I could ask exactly what he was doing here. He looked a little scared, so I gave him my best smile and my bluest eyes…'" she frowned, trailing off.

"Beware the 'yowzah,'" Amy called, turning to lean on her railing, facing them, facing the Doctor, "Do not, at this point, yowz…" but she frowned, seeing their concerned expressions, "Professor, what is it? What did the skinny guy say Doctor?"

The Doctor swallowed, reading over the Professor's shoulder, "He said, 'I just went to get coffees for the Doctor, Professor, and Amy. Hello, River.'"

"'Hello, dad,' I greeted,'" the Professor read.

"'Where am I? How the hell did I get here?'"

"'I haven't the faintest idea, but you'll probably want to put your hands up.'"

"'Just then a man stepped out of the shadows behind the thin man, my father, Rory Williams, pointing a gun straight at him. He put his hands up when I noticed a large black man step up behind me.'"

"'Melody Malone?' the black man asked, his voice gruff.'"

"'You're Melody?' dad looked at me, bewildered.'"

"'A limousine pulled up behind us, the door opening ominously.'"

"'Get in,' the gruff man behind me ordered. Pity, he didn't know I don't take orders from anyone.'"

"We need to go," the Professor closed the book, "Now," and pulled the Doctor off, Amy running after them.


The Time Lords ran around the console, trying to track down Rory as Amy followed them, holding the book, "What's River doing in a book? What's Rory doing in a book?"

"He went to get coffee," the Doctor told her, "Pay attention."

"He went to get coffee and turned up in a book? How does that work?"

"We don't know. We're in New York!"

"Where did you get this book?"

"It was in his jacket," the Professor sighed, pulling a few levers.

"How did it get there?"

"How does anything get there?" the Professor tried to smile, "I've actually given up asking."

"Date," the Doctor called to Amy as he moved to a keyboard, "Date. Does she mention a date? When is this happening?"

"Yes," Amy nodded, searching the book, "Hang on…"

"April the 3rd, 1938," the Professor answered as Amy pointed at her, nodding.


"'You didn't come here in the TARDIS,' I stated, eyeing my father, 'Obviously,'" Amy read as the Time Lords scrambled, "'Why?' Rory frowned. 'They couldn't have,' I shrugged, a smirk playing on my lips as I imagined how irritated my godfather must be at that,'" Amy eyed the Doctor, seeing his less than pleased expression, "She's got you there."

"Couldn't have?" the Doctor sputtered, "What does she mean? Couldn't have?"

Amy looked back down at the book, "'The limousine had just passed Grand Central Station, the lights of the city blurring in my vision as I gazed out the window a moment before sighing, 'This city's full of time distortions. It'd be impossible to land the TARDIS here. Like trying to land a plane in a blizzard. Even I couldn't do it.' I shook my head, I doubted even my godmother could.'"

The Professor blinked and straightened up, "Excuse me? She doubted even who could do it?" she demanded, feeling quite a bit offended at River's lack of faith in her.

"Don't you two fall out, she's only in a book," Amy rolled her eyes.

"1938," the Doctor grumbled, just as irritated, "Easy one," he pulled a lever and there was a clank, a flash, sparks shooting out all over the console.

"Just fantastic!" the Professor muttered as a 'Warning: Temporal Distortions Detected' flashed on the monitor, followed by the screen going black with a 'No Signal' sign blinking.

"What was that?" Amy asked as the TARDIS stopped with a thud.

"1938," the Professor whacked the rotor, a bit irritated, "Thanks mum," she muttered.

"We just bounced off it," the Doctor sighed, rubbing his forehead. They needed to regroup and rethink this plan, quickly. They headed for the door to see where they'd landed.

Amy followed, reading from the book again, wanting to see how River managed to get there, "'So how did you get here?' my father asked. 'Vortex manipulator,' I smirked, holding up my wrist to show him the device, 'Less bulky than a TARDIS. A motorbike through traffic. You?' He sighed, 'I'm not sure,' before turning to look out the window, ill at ease.'"

The Professor held the doors open for them to step out into a graveyard, smoke releasing from inside the TARDIS, the view overlooking Manhattan.

"It had to be Weeping Angels," the Professor remarked, crossing her arms and staring at the TARDIS, trying to think of something they could do.

"The Weeping Angels?" Amy frowned.

"It makes sense," the Doctor nodded.

"It makes what?"

"That's what happened to Rory," the Professor turned to her, "That's what the Angels do. It's their preferred form of attack. They displace you back in time, let you live to death."

"Well, we've got a time machine. We can just go and get him."

"Well, tried that," the Doctor grumbled, "If you've noticed, and we are back where we started in 2012."

"We didn't start in a graveyard," she pointed out, "What are we doing here?"

"Don't know."

"Probably causally linked somehow," the Professor sighed, trying to see into the TARDIS.

"Doesn't matter," the Doctor cut in, leaning into the doors of the TARDIS, trying to clear the smoke, "Extractor fans on!"

"Well, we're going to get there somehow," Amy called, "We're in the rest of the book."

"Doing what?"

"Page 43, you're going to break something."

"I'm what?"

Amy rolled her eyes and read, "''Why do you have to break mine?' I asked the Doctor. He frowned and said, 'Because Amy read it in a book and now we have no choice.''"

They turned around at that to see Amy was in fact reading ahead from the book, "Stop!" the Professor shouted, running over.

"No!" the Doctor snatched the book away, "No! Stop!"

"You can't read ahead Amy. You mustn't."

"And you can't do that!"

"But we've already been reading it," Amy argued.

"Just the stuff that's happening now, in parallel with us," the Professor told her, "That's as far as we can go."

"But it could help us find Rory!"

"And if you read ahead and find that Rory dies?" the Doctor countered, "This isn't any old future, Amy, it's ours."

"Once we know what's coming, it's fixed. We won't be able to change it."

It wasn't exactly true, the future was always up for interpretation. Like their supposed 'fixed point' deaths at Lake Silencio. They had survived, obviously, but the Universe thought they had died. The problem with reading it in a book...they didn't know what the context was and they wouldn't be able to know. If they read ahead and found out Rory was shot, point blank, or something and died...well, it had clearly already happened to the person writing the book, to River. Being part Time Lord the timelines were more sensitive to events in her life than others. If she experienced her father dying...they wouldn't be able to change it. It was like with Rose, her father's death was an established event at the time the Doctor had taken her back to meet him. This book was a representation of an established series of events in River's personal history.

They might be able to change it, to skew it, but only if they didn't know what the established event was. Seeing the future happening and trying to change the present could be done, like Amy had done in Two Streams, but once it had been couldn't easily be changed. The future was usually in flux, but once a specific event was known, was recorded, in something like a book, it became more like an established chain of events. But if they didn't know what that chain was, if they didn't know what had been established, then time was still in flux and could be changed.

Ignorance was bliss in this case.

The Doctor rubbed his head, "We're going to break something, because you told us that we're going to do it. No choice now."

"Time can be rewritten," Amy frowned.

"Not once you've read it," the Professor sighed, THIS was why humans weren't meant to mess with time, they knew and understood so little of it, sometimes things could change, sometimes things weren't what they seemed, but...when a time traveller wrote of the future...that was dangerous because it created a fine line between established and flux, "Once we know what's coming, it's as good as written in stone."


"Now," the Doctor clapped his hands as they stepped into the TARDIS which had calmed down some, "Where are Rory and River now?" he glanced at the Professor.

She flipped through the book, neither of them letting Amy near it now that they knew it was time related, "'I strolled into Mr. Grayle's home, observing the massive amounts of china he had gathered, 'Ah,' I trailed my finger along one, 'Early Qin dynasty, I'd say.' I glanced back at my father who just shook his head, not sure of what was going on. Mr. Grayle just smirked, 'Correct. Are you an archaeologist as well as a detective?'" the Professor snorted, shaking her head, "Archaeologists…"

"Ok," the Doctor smiled at her, "Landing a plane in a timey wimey blizzard. We could push through…"

She shook her head, "But if we're out by a even nanosecond, the engines will phase and we'll shatter the planet."

He nodded, "We need landing lights."

"Landing lights?" Amy raised an eyebrow.

"A signal to lock on to," the Professor explained.

"What did she say?" the Doctor looked at her, "Early what dynasty?"

"Qin," she tossed him the book and took control of the piloting.

"'Early Qin,' Mr. Grayle nodded, laughing, 'Just as you say. You're very well informed.' I smirked at him, 'And you're very afraid. That's an awful lot of locks for one door,' I glanced behind me at the number of locks on his front doors, all of them latched. 'River,' my father called, looking at the Chinese characters on a vase becoming English, 'I'm translating.' Bless, he looked so confused. I smiled, 'It's a gift of the TARDIS. It hangs around.' Mr. Grayle frowned, eyeing my father, 'This one,' he called to his men, 'Put him somewhere uncomfortable.' The man who had pulled the gun on me stepped up, 'With the babies, sir?' I frowned at that. Mr. Grayle though, smiled, nodding in thought, 'Yes, why not? Give him to the babies.''"

"I'm not sure I want to know," the Professor remarked, pulling a lever and landing the TARDIS.

They quickly made for the doors, stepping out into a decorating workshop in China, 221 BC, "Ah, hello, yes," the Doctor called, pulling out the psychic paper, "Special commission from the Emperor."


"What about now?" the Doctor called to the Professor.

"She's just stepped into another room with china Doctor," the Professor huffed, "Give me a moment!" he stuck his tongue out at her and she whacked him in the shoulder with the book.

"Just read!" Amy rolled her eyes, "I'd like to get my husband and daughter out of danger please."

The Professor huffed but opened the book, "'Mr. Grayle, ever the gentleman, helped me remove my mackintosh, when I noticed words forming on one of the vases. I smirked, that was certainly not a Chinese epigram. 'Hello sweetie, sweetums,' I greeted to no one in particular, before looking around the room some more. It was a lesson from an old friend, use your eyes, notice everything, and I did. I could see so much,'" the Professor smiled, "Aw, see that," she tapped the Doctor, "I taught her that."

He rolled his eyes and took the book from her, continuing on, "'Let's see,' I eyed his collection of artifacts, 'Crime boss with a collecting fetish. Whatever you don't let anyone else see has got to be your favorite. Or possibly your girlfriend…' I walked over to a curtain and pulled it open, not at all surprised to see a snarling, and badly damaged, Weeping Angel statue behind it, chained up. I raised an eyebrow and glanced at Mr. Grayle, 'So, girlfriend, then.' I sighed and stepped away, lifting my Vortex Manipulator and typing a message in, I'd wasted enough time. Something I'd learned from another dear friend, always waste time when you don't have any…'" the Doctor grinned, "Ha! I taught her that one!"

"Doctor?" the Professor tried not to laugh, pointing at the monitor where 'Yowzah' had appeared.

"What's that?" Amy asked.

He beamed, "Landing lights. We have a signal."

The Professor nodded, "Locking on!" and pulled a lever making the TARDIS jolt.


The Doctor tossed the book back to Amy as she fell on the jump seat, the jolting increasing, "Keep up!" he told her, moving to help the Professor control the box.

"'The Angels are predators,' I told him, tugging at my hand caught in the Angel's grip,'" Amy shouted over the noise, frowning, she'd skipped over a paragraph, she'd missed the part where the Angel had grabbed River, but it seemed like it was ok to go on, the Doctor and Professor were too distracted, "'They're deadly. What do you want with them?' Mr. Grayle smiled, 'I'm a collector. What collector could resist these? I'm only human.' I scoffed, 'That's exactly what they're thinking,' I looked up as the lights went out. 'What's that?' Mr. Grayle gasped, 'What's happening? Is it an earthquake?' he looked around as a strange wheezing filled the room, sounding like something was struggling, papers blowing around. 'What is it?' Grayle looked at me, alarmed. I smirked, shaking my head with a laugh, this was JUST like them, 'Naughty, naughty. You could burn New York.' Grayle just looked confused as to who I was talking to, 'What does that mean?' I had to laugh, THIS is what he gets for trying to trap me with an Angel, 'It means, Mr. Grayle, just you wait till my family gets here.'"

The TARDIS landed with a thump, the three of them able to hear china breaking just outside the doors.

"Come on!" Amy called, rushing for the doors, the Time Lords behind her.

They ran out and into the entrance hall of a very nice house, the locks on the doors just as River described in the book. Amy ran up the stairs, "Rory? Rory? Rory!"

The Doctor and Professor, however, caught sight of someone standing in a study, "Sorry we're late, dear," the Professor smiled, walking into the study with the Doctor.

"Traffic was hell," the Doctor joked before flashing an unmoving Grayle as he lay on the floor with the sonic, "Shock. He'll be fine."

"Pity," the Professor mock-sighed.

"Not if I can get loose," River remarked, tugging on her hand which was still in the grip of the beaten Angel statue. Apparently, Grayle had turned off the lights as soon as she was close enough for the Angel to grab her and had been threatening her for information about them.

That would not do in the Professor's book at all, "Don't worry dear, I'll take care of it," the Professor smirked, making River laugh.

Grayle would be in for hell now that her godmother was after him.

"So where are we now, Dr. Song?" the Doctor asked as they walked over to her side, "How's prison?"

"Oh, I was pardoned ages ago," she shrugged, "And it's Professor Song to you."

"Congratulations," the Professor smiled.

"Pardoned?" the Doctor asked, smirking.

River smirked, knowingly, "Mhmm. Turns out the people I killed never existed in the first place. Apparently, there's no record of them. It's almost as if someone's gone around deleting themselves from every database in the Universe."

"Took us a while though," the Professor sighed.

After dealing with Solomon they realized they hadn't been as thorough as they should have been. His name was as good as erased, but hers still lingered. It seemed fear was much harder to kill than hope. They'd spent ages going back through the data banks, spreading new rumors of their deaths, working on providing fake proof to the species who feared her that she truly was gone before things seemed to quiet.

"Why would you do that?" River eyed them.

"You said we got too big," the Doctor shrugged.

"And now no one's ever heard of you. Didn't you used to be somebody?"

"Weren't you the woman who killed the Professor and the Doctor?"

"Doctor who?" she joked.

"She's holding you very tight River," the Professor warned her, having leaned in to examine the Angel's grip on River's wrist.

"At least she didn't send me back in time."

"I doubt she's strong enough."

"Well, I need a hand back, so which is it going to be?" she asked them, "Are you going to break my wrist or hers?" the Doctor and Professor exchanged a solemnly look, before glancing at Amy as she came up in the doorway behind them, and back at River, "Oh, no," River's eyes widened as she pouted, "Really? Why do you have to break mine?"

"Because Amy read it in a book," the Doctor sighed, "And now we have no choice," he glanced back at her again, "You see?"

Amy gave a solemn nod.

"What book?" River asked.

"Your book," the Professor told her, snatching the book from Amy to show her, "Which you haven't written yet, so we can't read."

"I see," River nodded, thinking, "I don't like the cover much."

"Yes," the Doctor nodded, frowning at it, "I must say, as your Godparents, and we're sure we speak for your parents too, we do not approve."

River rolled her eyes, leave it to one of her 'fathers' to take issue with her choice of outfit.

"But if River's going to write that book, she'd make it useful, yeah?" Amy called, trying to be helpful, feeling terrible that, because she had read ahead, her daughter was going to end up with a broken wrist.

"I'll certainly try," River nodded, "But we can't read ahead, it's too dangerous."

"I know, but there must be something we can look at."

"What, a page of handy hints, previews, spoiler-free?"

The Professor smirked, kissing him, "You are a genius dear," laughing at his confused expression before putting the book in his hands, "Chapter titles."

He grinned, quickly opening the book, reading the titles.

Chapter Nine – Calling the Time Lords

Chapter Ten – The Roman in the Cellar

Chapter Eleven – Death at Winter Quay.

"He's in the cellar!" he called.

"Gimme!" Amy reached out as the Professor took the book, the Doctor handing Amy the sonic as she rushed off. The Doctor headed after her when…

"Doctor," the Professor called quietly, solemn.

He froze, that was never a good tone. He turned around to see the Professor frowning, "What is it?"

"You didn't read the last title, did you?" she breathed.

He frowned and walked over, looking down at what she'd seen.

Chapter Twelve – Amelia's Last Farwell

He froze, his eyes wide.

"What's wrong?" River frowned, seeing their expressions, "Doctor? Professor? What is it? Tell me. Doctor? Professor, what is it, tell me…" she trailed off, seeing the Doctor starting to tense, moving past sorrow to anger, "Ok, I know that face. Calm down. Calm down! Professor get him to calm down!"

"No!" the Doctor snapped, glaring at her, "Get your wrist out. You get your wrist out without breaking it!"

"How?" she called as he just stormed out of the room to go help Amy.

"I don't know. Just do it. Change the future!"

The Professor sighed as he walked off, she looked at River, not about to leave her unprotected. The book hadn't mentioned anything about how River had broken her wrist, if she even had, how she got free, perhaps there was still something she could do…


"Rory?" Amy called as she opened the cellar door, she and the Doctor pausing at the top of the steps, only to see burned out matches scattered on the floor, small cherub statues looking up at them.

"No!" the Doctor pulled her back as she tried to head down the stairs, "They're Angels. Baby Angels."

"Did they get Rory?" she asked as they slowly began to back up the stairs, "Where is he? Did they take him?"

"Yes, I think so, yes," he quickly turned, and ran back up the stairs with her.


"Well?" River asked, watching the Professor as she eyed the statue's arm.

"I can get you out," she said, "It'll still break your wrist though, but…"

"But what?"

The Professor glanced at her, "The Angel will be screaming too."

River nodded, bracing herself, "Do it."

The Professor took a breath and backed up, before quickly shoving her foot out, right at the Angel's forearm. Had the Angel been lying down, you'd have thought she had stomped on it. River hissed in pain as she felt her wrist twist painfully as the Angel's arm was broken off.

"You can't kill a stone," the Professor remarked, eyeing the statue, "But you CAN chip away at it," she stepped closer, letting herself blink to see the statue had moved to grip its broken arm with its good one, its face etched in agony. She smirked, "You so much as look my goddaughter again and next time it will be your head," she threatened, knowing the Angel could hear her.

She nodded to herself, before kneeling beside River as she cradled her wrist to her, clearly broken. She'd managed to free herself, the force of the Professor's kick cracking the rest of the arm to the point where the pieces fell away enough for her to pull her wrist out.

"I'm sorry," she whispered, putting a hand on River's back.

"Help me into my coat?" River asked, nodding as she stood, "We can't let the Doctor see."

"I know," she sighed, getting River's coat for her, helping her on, the long sleeves concealing her injury. They headed towards the entrance hall, able to hear Amy and the Doctor coming back from the cellar as River pulled out a device from her pocket.

"So, is this what's going to happen?" they could hear Amy ask, "We just keep chasing him and they keep pulling him further back?"

"He isn't back in time," River called as they stepped into the entrance hall, she held up her scanner, "I'm reading a displacement, but there are no temporal markers. He's been moved in space, not in time, and it's not that far from here by the look of it."

"You got out," the Doctor smiled, relieved.

"So, where is he?" Amy cut in.

"Well, come on, come on, come on, where is he?"

"If it was that easy, I'd get you to do it," River rolled her eyes before handing the device to the Professor to fiddle with.

"How did you get your wrist out without breaking it?" the Doctor eyed her.

"You asked, we did. Problem?"

The Doctor just beamed, "You just changed the future."

"As much as I can," River answered hesitantly, "I've learned a lot about time you know."

The Doctor snorted a bit, thinking back to Lake Silencio, "Not enough I'd wager. We had to go to school 400 years to learn about it in its entirety."

"392," River corrected, recalling they entered the Academy at 8 and left at 400, as she looked over the Professor's shoulder as she worked.

The Doctor had to laugh at that, she was JUST like the Professor with her nitpicking accuracy when it came to times, "She's good," the Doctor looked at Amy, "Have you noticed? Really, really good. Like the Professor!"

"Wherever Winter Quay is…" the Professor called, "It's within a few blocks."

"There's a car out front," River smirked, "Shall we steal it?"

The Professor laughed, "You seriously have to ask HIM," she jerked a thumb at the Doctor, "About stealing transport?"

"Show me!" the Doctor darted forward, grabbing the Professor's hand to pull her along, accidently knocking into River's right arm, making her hiss in pain. He stopped dead and turned to see her clutching her wrist to her chest. He closed his eyes, realizing River had lied, but the Professor hadn't said anything.

River's wrist was broken.

The future was still set.


"Ok," the Doctor handed Amy the scanner, not wanting to deal with it right now, needing to have a word with his goddaughter about lying, "When all those numbers on both units go to zero, that's when we've got a lock, ok? It's how we find Rory."

"Got it," Amy nodded, moving to lean against a wall. She glanced over at the stairs. River was sitting in the middle of them, the Professor to her left, gently examining the woman's wrist, while the Doctor moved to sit on River's right.

"Why did you lie to me?" he asked River quietly, the Professor, by not saying anything, hadn't technically lied to him.

"When one half of one's family are ageless gods who insist on the faces of twelve year olds, one does one's best to hide the damage," River explained softly.

"It must hurt," he murmured, reaching for her wrist too, "Come here."

"Yes," River swallowed hard, "The wrist is pretty bad too."

The Doctor looked down at the wrist and over at the Professor who nodded, reaching out to hold River's hand while he gripped below her wrist. They concentrated and suddenly River's hand started to glow golden with regeneration energy, healing it.

"No," River gasped, trying to struggle out of their hold, though she should have known better, those two had more experience than anyone in how to hold onto things they cared about, "No. No, stop that. Stop that. Stop it!"

"There you go," the Doctor smiled, setting her hand down, "How's that?"

"Well, let's see, shall we?" she slapped the Doctor and punched the Professor in the shoulder, "That was a stupid waste of regeneration energy," she glared at them, "Nothing is gained by you two being sentimental idiots!"

"River…" the Doctor frowned.

River just stood up, "No, you embarrass me!"

"River!" he called as she stormed towards the door.

"MELODY CATHERINE WILLIAMS!" the Professor shouted, standing up with her hands on her hips.

River froze, tensing, it was NEVER a good thing when the Professor used her full name.

"Come. Here. Now."

She slowly turned and walked back over to the Professor who had moved down the stairs to stand before her. She looked down, feeling like a child about to be scolded. The Doctor and Professor she knew, the Doctor was the one who tried to be responsible, chastise her and scold her for things, but it was just so out of character for him that it never quite…worked. The Professor, on the other hand, rarely ever scolded her, being the one more likely to help her get into all sorts of predicaments (wanting to be there to keep her safe) but when she did…she made sure to get her point across.

Amy watched the interaction with a soft look on her face, it touched her so much to know that her daughter really did have almost two sets of parents. Her and Rory, for her human half, and the Doctor and Professor for the time travelling/Time Lord half. It meant so much to know that they would always be there for River, and to know that they'd act like parents when they had to.

The Professor took a breath and reached out to lift River's face, just under her chin so the woman would look at her, "You are our goddaughter," she told River, her voice firm, "You are our family. You are the only family we have left. We will always worry about you. We will always protect you. And we will always take care of you. We will never let anything hurt you. Whether that means throwing a shoe at a robotic version of your mother or siphoning off some regenerative energy to heal you, we will do it. For you. We don't have many things we truly and deeply care about River, we have each other, we have the TARDIS, we have our Companions, and we have YOU," she searched River's eyes, making sure the woman could see how much she meant her words, "Understand?"

River nodded, tears in her eyes at how much her godparents cared for her, but so upset because she never ever wanted to be the reason they were hurt, because they were trying to protect her. And that's all their 'healing' had done, hurt their future, what if they needed that energy in the future? And they'd wasted it on her?

She stepped back and turned to step outside for a moment, needing some air.

"Amy?" the Doctor called, getting up to go to the Professor's side, "Check on your daughter."

Amy nodded, stepping over to hand them the device before she headed outside.


The Doctor and Professor were sitting on the stairs, close, their arms around each other, heads resting on each other when the device beeped in the Doctor's lap.

He grinned, looking down at it as it had homed in on Rory, "There you are," he got up and took the Professor's hand, the two of them rushing outside to Amy and River, "Got it! He's at a place called Winter Quay. The car, yes? Let's go."

They hopped into the car that River and Amy had got running, driving past a pair of statues, a mother and son. The Professor glanced at them as they passed, smirking when she blinked and the mother was gone, good thing she'd left the door wide open to Grayle's home. He should be waking up soon.

And what a surprise would be waiting for him.

No one messed with her family.


They pulled up to the Winter Quay apartment building and got out, River frowning up at the building, confused, "Why would they send him here? Why not zap him back in time, like they normally do?"

"We'll know that when we know what this place is," the Professor answered.

"Winter Quay," Amy read the sign out front.

They ran to the doors, which opened ominously for them, before stepping inside.

"The lift," the Doctor called, leading them to it, sonicing it open and getting them all in.

"Rory?" Amy looked at River who was tracking him on her device.

"He's close," she nodded.

"Rory!" Amy shouted as the lift stopped on the eighth floor and they rushed out, "Rory!" she ran to the only open door, apartment 802, to see Rory standing there.

"Amy!" Rory ran over to her, hugging her.

"Doctor, Professor, look at this," River called, her eye on an Angel down the hall, grinning at them, "Why is it smiling?"

The Doctor looked over to see the nameplate on the door read 'R. Williams' and his eyes widened, "Amy! Rory!" he ran into the room with River, the Professor backing in, keeping her eye on the Angel, "Get out of here! Don't look at anything. Don't touch…"

"Who's that?" Amy breathed, spotting an old man lying in a bed in the back of the room.

The man pointed at them, his eyes wide with happiness, hope, relief, love, and sadness, "Amy," he rasped, "Amy, please. Amy, please. Please…"

Amy hesitated before walking further into the room over to the old man, before she saw who he was, she'd recognize him anywhere, "Rory…" she breathed, kneeling down and taking his hand. She glanced over at her Rory in the doorway to the bedroom, "He's you."

"Amy," Old Rory breathed, smiling softly at her before his head lulled to the side.

"Will someone please tell me what is going on?" Rory demanded.

"I'm sorry, Rory," the Doctor frowned, "But you just died."

"This place is being policed by Angels," the Professor called, still half in the doorway, keeping her eyes on the Angels, keeping them back, "Every time you try to escape, you get zapped back in time."

"So this place belongs to the Angels?" Amy shook her head, "They built it?"

"Displacing someone back in time creates time energy, that's what the Angels feed on."

"But normally, it's a one off, a hit and run," the Doctor continued, "If they could keep hold of their victims, feed off their time energy over and over again…"

"This place is a farm," the Professor realized, "A battery farm."

The Doctor turned to her and River, "How many Angels in New York?"

"It's like they've taken over every statue in the city," River shook her head, and that was just based on the level of energy her scanner was picking up.

"The Angels take Manhattan because they can, because they've never had a food source like this one. The city that never sleeps…" he trailed off as there was a loud thudding by the window, like heavy, slow footsteps. He paused, heading over to the window to look out.

"What was that?" Rory hesitated to ask.

"I don't know," he remarked, before glancing at Rory, "But I think they're coming for you."

"What does that mean? What is going to happen to me? What is physically going to happen?"

"The Angels will come for you," the Professor called, her back still to them, "They'll send you back in time to this very spot, thirty, forty years ago. And you'll live out the rest of your life in this room, until you die in that bed."

"And will Amy be there?" Rory asked as Amy looked at him. She couldn't help but smile at that, Rory, her Rory, he'd live anywhere, in any time period, in any situation or circumstance, as long as he got to live it with her.


Amy frowned and turned to the Professor, "How do you know?"

"Because he was so pleased to see you again," the Doctor told her softly, understanding all too well what that felt like.

"Ok," Rory nodded, trying to think of something, starting to feel desperate now, "Well, they haven't taken me yet. What if I just run? What if I just get the hell out of here? Then that never happens."

"It's already happened," the Doctor sighed, "Rory, you've just witnessed your own future."

"Doctor, he's right," River cut in.

"No, he isn't."

"If Rory managed to get out…" the Professor hesitated, "It would create a paradox…a massive paradox, and given the type of energy it's based on…"

"What is that?" Amy turned to the window, hearing the footsteps again.

"This is the Angels' food source," River turned to the Doctor, encouraged now that the Professor was agreeing with her, "The paradox poisons the well. It could kill them all. This whole place would literally un-happen."

"It would be almost impossible," the Doctor warned.

"Loving the almost."

He shook his head, "But to create a paradox like that takes almost unimaginable power. What have we got, eh? Tell me. Come on, what?"

"Amy," the Professor said, and they could all tell she was smiling despite only seeing her back, "Tell him what we've got."

Amy grinned, taking Rory's hand, "I won't let them take him. That's what we've got."

The Doctor smiled, just like him and the Professor they were. And that, that was something more powerful than anything else.

"Whatever that thing is," Rory paused, hearing more footsteps, "It's getting closer."

"Rory, even if you got out," the Doctor turned to him, needing him to understand how serious this was, "You'd have to keep running for the rest of your life. They would be chasing you forever."

"Well, then," Amy nodded, determined, "Better get started."

"I've got this one held back for now," the Professor called as she heard Amy and Rory near the door, "There'll be more in the stairwell," she reached back and grabbed Rory's arm, "Be careful."

They nodded when suddenly the lights flickered and another Angel appeared at the other end of the hall, near the lift, the one the Professor had been watching now snarling at them, closer.

"Husband," Amy shoved him, her gaze on the lift Angel, "Run!"

Rory took off, dashing past the Angel as Amy followed, her eyes on the lift Angel till they passed.

The lights flickered again and the Doctor pulled the Professor into the room as the snarling Angel appeared in the doorway with its friend.

"Dear," he whispered in her ear, "I'm not entirely sure this can work."

"'Cos you can't think as fast as me," she replied as he squeezed her.

"Sweetie, sweetums," River called, their eyes on the Angels as the lights flickered and the Angels entered the room, "Shut up."

The Doctor pulled out the sonic and flashed the light bulb above them to keep the lights on as the Angels surrounded them.

"This isn't going to last much longer," the Professor remarked, knowing that, while she could keep her eyes open as long as needed, River was still half-human and would need to blink. She was worried for her.

"Any ideas?" River asked.

"Yeah, the usual," the Doctor answered, "Run!"

They managed to make their way past the Angels, slamming the door to Rory's room shut and dashing to the stairs, only to see the Angels swarming it.

"Fire escape!" the Professor pointed, leading them over and shoving the window up. They clambered out onto the metal case and ran up the escape, towards the roof, there were too many Angels on the stairs for Amy and Rory to have gone down.

They had just reached the top when they heard Amy speaking, "…together, or not at all."

"What the hell are you doing!" the Doctor shouted as they ran onto the roof on the other end of where Amy and Rory were both…standing on the ledge.

"Changing the future," Amy said softly, smiling at Rory as she stroked his face, her arms around him, "It's called marriage," she gazed into his eyes before they let themselves fall off the ledge.

"No!" the Professor shouted as the three of them made it to the ledge, only a moment too late.

"Amy!" the Doctor yelled, "Amy!"

"Rory!" the Professor shook her head, watching them fall.

"Doctor!" River gasped, "Professor! What's happening?"

They turned around to see balls of energy appearing on the roof, merging together, growing larger, brighter, winds starting to whip around them, shaking the building.

"It's the paradox!" the Professor laughed.

"It's working!" the Doctor cheered, grabbing the Professor and River's hands, "The paradox is working!"

A bright white light filled the night…


Amy and Rory sat up with a gasp, back in the graveyard, 2012, in the daylight, "Where are we?" Rory looked around, confused.

"Back where we started," the Doctor cheered, stepping out around a gravestone behind them.

"You collapsed the timeline!" the Professor laughed, moving to help them up, "The paradox worked."

"We all pinged back where we belong."

"What, in a graveyard?" Rory frowned.

"This happened the last time," Amy told him, before looking at the Time Lords, "Why always here?"

"Does it matter?" the Doctor laughed, "We got lucky."

The Professor nodded, "We could've blown New York off the planet. We'll never be able to take the TARDIS back there now though. The timelines are too scrambled."

"And we could have lost you both," the Doctor pulled the Ponds into a hug, "Don't ever do that again."

"Ever," the Professor added, moving to hug them as well, feeling her hearts finally start to slow.

"What did we do?" Rory asked, still a little confused, "We fixed it. We solved the problem."

"We were talking to ourselves," the Doctor replied.

The Professor laughed as she took the Doctor's hand and led him back to the TARDIS, which had a bit of fire damage to it, looking a little scorched in places. River stepped out behind it, with a bucket and a rag as they joined her.

"It could do with a repaint," River commented, handing them each a cloth.

"We've been busy," the Professor smiled, starting to wipe the marks off the TARDIS.

"Does the bulb on top need changing?"

"We just changed it," the Doctor grumbled.

"So," River glanced at her parents, "Rory and Amy, then."

"Yes. We know, we know."

"I'm just saying. They're going to get terribly bored hanging round here all day."

"Doctor…" Rory called as he and Amy started to head over, "Look, next time, could we could just go to the pub?"

"I want go to the pub right now!" the Doctor nodded, "Are there video games there?" he asked Rory before turning to the Professor, "I love video games."

"Not more than me I hope," she smiled at him.

He paused, as though considering it…till she thumped him on the chest with her rag, "Just joking dear," he gave her a quick kiss, "I don't love anything more than you."

"Feeling's mutual," she told him, kissing him as well.

"Right," River cut in, knowing how both sides of her family could get when they got caught in moments, it was funny how that worked, both sets of her 'parents' were quite flirty when they wanted to be, she really had no chance of turning out un-flirty, "Family outing, then."

The Professor pulled away, nodding. The Doctor smiled, unlocking the door to the TARDIS and stepping in with River, the Professor waiting in the doorway for Amy and Rory.

"Amy," Rory called as they stepped past a row of gravestones, Rory pausing to look at one, "Come and see this."

"What?" Amy turned around.

"There's a gravestone here for someone with the same name as me."

The Professor's eyes widened.

"What?" Amy frowned.

"Rory get back!" the Professor shouted.

But it was too late.

Rory vanished.

An Angel was standing behind him with its arm out, as though reaching for him.

"Doctor!" Amy screamed, rushing forward, trying to find Rory, when the Doctor and River ran out.

"Where the hell did that come from?" River gasped as the Professor and the Doctor inched closer to the Angel and Amy.

"It's a survivor," the Professor assessed, "The causal connection between 1938 and now. Very weak, but keep your eyes on it."

"Where's Rory?" Amy asked, her voice breaking as she tried not to cry, tried to keep strong, hopeful.

The Doctor squeezed the Professor's hand in silent communication as she nodded, keeping an eye on the statue as he took his off it to look at the gravestone.

Rory Arthur Williams, Aged 82

"I'm sorry," he breathed, looking at Amy, "Amelia, I'm so, so sorry."

"No," Amy shook her head, her eyes filling with tears as she kept them on the Angel, "No, we can just go and get him in the TARDIS. One more paradox…"

"Would rip New York apart," the Professor told her quietly.

"No, that's not true. I don't believe you."

"Mother, it's true," River stepped up, coming to Amy's left side, her voice breaking.

"Amy, what are you doing?" the Doctor cautioned as Amy stepped closer to the Angel.

"That gravestone," Amy swallowed hard, "Rory's, there's room for one more name, isn't there?"

"What are you talking about?" the Doctor breathed, starting to get scared, "Back away from the Angel. Come back to the TARDIS. We'll figure something out."

"The Angel, would it send me back to the same time? To him?"

"I don't know."

The Professor swallowed, needing to warn Amy, "We can't be certain."

"But it's my best shot, yeah?" Amy tried again.

"No!" the Doctor shouted.

"Doctor, shut up," River cried, stepping closer to her mother, "Yes. Yes, it is."


"Well, then," Amy nodded to herself, "I just have to blink, right?"


"Doctor…" the Professor shook her head subtly.

"It'll be fine," Amy cut in, "I know it will. I'll be with him, like I should be. Me and Rory together. Melody?"

"Stop it," the Doctor pleaded, "Just…just stop it!"

River stepped closer, taking Amy's hand, kissing it as her mother squeezed it, "You look after them," she told her daughter, "You be a good girl, and you look after them."

"You are creating fixed time!" he shouted, his hearts breaking, "We will never be able to see you again."

"I'll be fine. I'll be with him."

"Amy, please," he begged, he couldn't lose another Companion, not another one, not like this, "Just come back into the TARDIS. Come along, Pond, please…"

"Amy," the Professor breathed, stepping to Amy's side, but just behind her, taking River's place as she reached out to take Amy's hand, "There's something I need to tell you before you do this."

"Professor!" the Doctor cried, shocked she would be willing to let Amy do what she was planning.

'I wouldn't want to live even a moment without you Doctor,' the Professor called to him silently, in that single moment explaining to him the reason for Amy's insistence and desperation to be with Rory, quieting him, 'I would follow you.'

"What?" Amy asked, her voice shaking from the emotion of everything.

"Do you remember that vaccine I gave you?" the Professor spoke, "When the cubes arrived?"

Amy nodded, "What about it?"

"It wasn't a vaccine."

She frowned, "Then what was it?"

"I spent ages working on it, nanogenes, benign not Dalek, suspended in a fluid compound, meant to repair. I had to adapt them for internal, human use but…"

Amy shuddered, wanting to look back, "But what?"

"I need you to promise me something," the Professor changed the topic.


The Professor smiled though Amy couldn't see it and stepped closer, "Whatever you do, do NOT, under ANY circumstances," she moved Amy's hand that she'd been holding to the girl's stomach and let go, "Name him 'the Doctor.'"

Amy tried desperately not to blink as tears fell from her eyes, her heart beating rapidly in her chest, "I'm…"

"Pregnant," the Professor nodded, resting her forehead to the back of Amy's head.

She'd been scanning Amy periodically over their recent trips, under the guise of wanting to make sure the Shakri's cubes wouldn't have any side effects on the humans who had been near them during that year before they opened. She'd run the scans, Amy was completely healed of what Kovarian had done, the nanogenes having done their job perfectly, she could have children, in fact, she was pregnant right now.

"You can have children Amelia Williams," she smiled and kissed the back of her head, "Live well."

Amy let out a shuddering breath, smiling so hard her cheeks hurt, "Thank you tattery girl."

"You're welcome," she stepped back, her hearts breaking as she did so. She understood why Amy was doing this but…it hurtso much.

"Raggedy man," Amy breathed, before spinning around, a smile on her face, "Goodbye!" and letting the Angel take her, vanishing before their eyes, the gravestone now reading 'And His Loving Wife Amelia, Aged 87.'

"No…" the Doctor breathed, shaking his head, tears in his eyes. He understood why Amy left. If it had been a similar situation and the Professor who had been taken, he'd have gone after her, as he always had, been with her as he promised. But lose his Companions so suddenly, after having JUST saved have not gotten to give them proper goodbyes, to know that, they were gone, completely, he'd never see either of them again...God, it hurt!

The Professor was at his side in an instant, hugging him tightly as she too wept for the loss of their Companions, River moving to join in the hug, needing comfort as well, though her gaze remained locked on the smirking Angel.


Back in the TARDIS, the Doctor sat, inconsolable, on the stairs, the Professor and River piloting the TARDIS. They had come up with a way to stop the Weeping Angel, to keep it from infecting the rest of New York once again.

You couldn't kill a stone…

But you could blow it up...

And then crush it into dust...

And then drop it in a supernova…

And it deserved it for taking away their Companions like that, for taking away River's parents like that.

"River," the Doctor called softly, "They were your parents. I'm sorry, I didn't think."

"We didn't," the Professor corrected.

"It doesn't matter," River shook her head.

The Doctor looked up at that, "Of course it matters."

"What matters is this. Doctor, Professor," she glanced between them, "Don't travel alone."

"You could always travel with us," the Professor suggested.

River smiled, her godparents always wanted to spend more time with her but…she was older now, she knew where they were at this point in their timelines, they had more important things to focus on than her. They were trying to have a baby, she knew, and right now, they would need to focus on each other, not her.

Besides, it wasn't like SHE would never see her parents again.

"Whenever and wherever you want," she promised them, "But not all the time. One psychopath per TARDIS, don't you think?" she nodded, straightening up, "Ok. This book I've got to write. 'Melody Malone.' I presume I send it to Amy to get it published?"

"Yes," the Doctor nodded, "Yes."

"I'll tell her to write an afterword," River called as she walked past the Doctor towards the doors, "For you. Maybe you'll listen to her."

As soon as the doors to the TARDIS shut, the Doctor's head snapped up and he turned to the Professor, "The last page!" they shouted as one before dashing for the controls and getting the TARDIS back to Central Park.

They ran out of the TARDIS and across the bridge of the duck pond, back to their picnic spot, it having been not even a minute since they'd left it. The Doctor half dove for the picnic basket, snatching the last page up. He turned to the Professor, the two of them moving to a nearby bench and sitting down as close to each other as they could get to read the letter together.

Afterword, by Amelia Williams.

They smiled.

Hello, old friends. And here we are, you and me, on the last page. By the time you read these words, Rory and I will be long gone. So know that we lived well and were very happy. And above all else, know that we will love you always. Sometimes I do worry about you, though. I think, once we're gone, you won't be coming back here for a while, and you might be alone, which you should never be. Don't be alone, Doctor. Professor, you either. You have each other, yes, but…you need someone else to be there with you.

And do one more thing for me. There's a little girl waiting in a garden. She's going to wait a long while, so she's going to need a lot of hope. Go to her. Tell her a story. Tell her that, if she's patient, the days are coming that she'll never forget. Tell her she'll go to sea and fight pirates. She'll fall in love with a man who'll wait 2,000 years to keep her safe. Tell her she'll give hope to the greatest painter who ever lived and save a whale in outer space.

Tell her this is the story of Amelia Pond.

And this is how it ends.

They shook their heads, nodding and getting up to pack up their picnic, heading back to the TARDIS. They put in some coordinates and landed in seven year old Amelia Pond's backyard the morning after they were supposed to take her to see time and space, they had a lot of stories to tell.


Brian Pond stood at a gravestone outside Manhattan, staring solemnly down at his son's name, his daughter-in-law's inscribed beside his. He supposed he could take comfort in the fact that they lived to a ripe old age, but…he'd never see them growing older. He'd never see his son again. He'd never be able to be there for them, help them, speak to them…

The Doctor and Professor had arrived at the house only an hour after they'd left and solemnly told him go come with them. They'd explained what happened, the weepy angels, statues come to life, that had sent his son back in time, twice. They'd told him what Amy had done to be with Rory, what they had done to the statue so it would never harm another again.

And they'd showed him the gravestone.

He knelt down, softly touching Rory's name as the Time Lords stood behind him, their arms around each other, feeling terrible. He wasn't as angry as he thought he'd be with them for something happening to Rory and Amy after they'd promised to take care of them. They had tried, like madmen, to get Rory back, to save him. Things were just…beyond their control.

"Oh, I'm sorry," a man with a New York accent said, pausing when he saw the Doctor, Professor, and Brian by the Williams' grave.

They looked over to see an older man, in his mid-sixties or so, with a woman in her late fifties/early sixties, beside him, both looked far too similar to not be siblings. Both had reddish-brown hair, similar shaped light eyes, though the man had slightly larger of a nose, the woman holding a small gathering of flowers to be placed on a grave or another.

"No, we were just leaving," the Professor sniffled, squeezing the Doctor's hand.

"Yes," the Doctor nodded, straightening his bow tie, "We were just visiting some dear friends."

"Oh my God," the woman beside the man gasped, the same accent in her voice, before smacking him repeatedly on the chest, trying to get his attention even though she didn't look away from the trio, "Oh my God, John, John, John! It's them! It's really them!"

"Who?" John frowned at the woman, "What are you talking about Cat?"

"It's them!" she pointed at the Time Lords, "The Doctor and the Professor!"

The duo looked at each other, confused as to how the humans knew them.

"Just like mom and dad said!" the woman continued, before rushing forward to hug a startled and bewildered Brian, "And that's Grandpa Brian!"

"Who hasn't met us yet," John reminded his sister, pulling her away from Brian, "Remember, time travel?"

"Oh, right," Cat looked sheepish, for being just as old as her grandfather, she tended to get as excited as her children could at times, "Sorry, I'm Catherine River Jamison, nee Williams."

"And I'm Jonathan Brian Williams," John added, stepping forward to shake their hands.

The Doctor and Professor's eyes widened in shock as they realized who these two were, Amy and Rory's children, River's siblings, her human siblings, Brian's grandchildren.

"Mom and dad told us so much about you, it's an honor to meet you."

A/N: :'( The Ponds are gone! No! :( I'm sad. I really wanted to add the little sparring scene in the beginning since the Professor had mentioned it once or twice throughout the series and I thought she should get that spar in before this happened :(

Lol, I hope I surprised you with what the Professor's 'idea' was from Mercy and what the injection was in the last chapter :) I figure, science cures quite a lot and with the technology of the TARDIS and other species (like the Chula) that the Professor could work out a way to get nanogenes to help heal Amy :) I hinted a bit at this in my Sneak Peeks story, that a line from the scene I posted was a clue to a surprise I had in store. The line was about Amy getting decaf coffee since, I think, pregnant women aren't supposed to have much caffeine ;)

I also tried to work out just why they couldn't read ahead, there were quite a few things in this episode that contradicted other events in the series so I tried to make a semi-understandable excuse as to why the events happened the way they did. I'm really not sure if I succeeded though. But that's ok, time travel, wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey isn't it? :)

As for River's 'full name' being Melody Catherine Williams (after the Professor-ish), I just sort of made that up. I wanted a tie-in with their children, River was Melody Catherine and Catherine was Catherine River ;) I hope you liked the ending. I saw the P.S. clip for DW and thought that I HAD to put something like it here :)

Some notes on reviews...

I will definitely be doing at least 2 versions of the 50th, for the Professor and Evy. It depends if I continue my Angel Saga to see if we'll get a 3rd version.

And I can't wait till the 50th either with the 3 of them and the Professor! I can say that, since Rose will be in the 50th well...there've been a few hints in my Recollections story (and some to come in this story) of how the Doctor feels about Rose. It depends where 10 and Rose are in their timelines when the 50th hits to see if we'll get a 9th Professor with them or if it happens before the Krillitanes :) But either way, I am SO excited to put 11 in the same place as Rose again because I can guarantee (and we'll see it here in this story as well) that he will NOT be happy with that at all and 10 might be getting some words about his 'favored' Companion from 11 as well ;) And I'm kind of/sort of excited to see what sort of 'Doctor' JH will be because we all know that every version of the Doctor has loved the Professor so it'll be interesting to see how he reacts to her :)

This topic might have a better name.

Is the name ever legible in the episode? Anything other than background info?

Talk about it here.

Melody Malone: Private Detective in Old New York Town

Main aliases:

Melody Malone

Melody Malone: Private Detective in Old New York Town was a memoir and guide, posing as a pulp detective novel.

The book Edit

The book centred on an investigation into Weeping Angels in New York City by hotshot female private detective, Melody Malone, (in reality, future time-travelling archaeologist River Song).

Melody described herself as having "ice in her heart, a kiss on her lips, and a vulnerable side which she [kept] well hidden." Her "lipstick was combat ready" and she "pack[ed] cleavage that could fell an ox at twenty feet."

In chapter 7, "The Skinny Guy", it mentioned that on the night of 3 April1938, Melody spied a familiar skinny guy, Rory Williams, whom she followed for two blocks before he turned around and told her that he had just gone to get coffee for her husband, the Eleventh Doctor, and her mum Amy Pond. They greeted each other, "Hello, River." "Hello, Dad".

The book went on to tell of Melody and her father Rory Williams being taken to the home of mobster Julius Grayle at 406 94th Street, in Manhattan, her restraint by Grayle at the hand of an Angel, Rory's basement imprisonment with cherub Angels, and her rescue by her husband and her mother, who knew where and when to arrive by having found the book in the Doctor's coat pocket and having read up to that point in Chapters 8 and 9, "Julius Grayle" and "Calling the Doctor". Fearful of reading something undesirable and thus creating an unalterable fixed point in time, they proceeded to obtain further insight by reading only the chapter titles in the book's table of contents. Even doing that, however, devastated the Doctor when he saw the final two chapters were titled "Death at Winter Quay" and "Amelia's Last Farewell".

After living through the events and twice witnessing her parents disappearances through time while risking their lives, River Song proceeded to write the book. The Doctor and the TARDIS could not return to New York's past without destroying the city, but River and her vortex manipulator apparently could do so, thereby enabling her to give the manuscript to her mother, Amelia Williams. River also told her grieving husband that she would instruct her mother to write him an afterword, whereupon he flew the TARDIS to Central Park to retrieve the final page which he had earlier discarded. (TV: The Angels Take Manhattan)

Chapters Edit

  • Chapter 1 The Dying Detective
  • Chapter 2 The Angels Take Manhattan
  • Chapter 3 Missing in New York
  • Chapter 4 Taking the Case
  • Chapter 5 Night in the Statue Park
  • Chapter 6 The Gargoyle
  • Chapter 7 The Skinny Guy
  • Chapter 8 Julius Grayle
  • Chapter 9 Calling the Doctor
  • Chapter 10 The Roman in the Cellar
  • Chapter 11 Death at Winter Quay
  • Chapter 12 Amelia's Last Farewell
  • Afterword

Afterword, by Amelia Williams Edit

Hello, old friend.

And here we are. You and me on the last page.

By the time you read these words, Rory and I will be long gone, so know that we lived well and we're very happy, and above all else, know that we will love you. Always.

Sometimes I do worry about you, though. I think; once we're gone you won't be coming back here for a while and you might be alone, which you should never be.

Don't be alone, Doctor.

And do one more thing for me: There's a little girl waiting in a garden. She's going to wait a long while, so she's going to need a lot of hope.

Go to her. Tell her a story.

Tell her that if she's patient, the days are coming that she'll never forget. Tell her she'll go to sea and fight pirates, she'll fall in love with a man who'll wait two thousand years to keep her safe, tell her she'll give hope to the greatest painter who ever lived, and save a whale in outer space.

Tell her this is the story of Amelia Pond, and this is how it ends. (TV: The Angels Take Manhattan)

References Edit

Bertie Potts asked Marcus Gifford if he had ever read any Melody Malone, in order to convince him that River was the best person to investigate Jenkins' murder. (AUDIO: I Went to a Marvellous Party)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Though barely legible in The Angels Take Manhattan itself, production design artwork on the BBC website shows the novel's subtitle as "Private Detective in Old New York Town". An e-book prequel to the novel was produced by the BBC called, The Angel's Kiss: A Melody Malone Mystery.
  • The production artwork shows "Pond River" as the publisher on the spine of the book, ensconced between two pairs of wavy lines symbolising water. The publishing stamp appears on the prop shown in the episode, but the words are too small to read on screen.
  • On Amazon's About the Author section of Summer Falls and Other Stories, it describes Amy as the author of "the famous Melody Malone series of crime novels" indicating that more Melody Malone books exist, although no such books have been referenced via in-universe sources.
  • While "reading" the afterword, Matt Smith had to hold a blank page to avoid people taking pictures of it before the actual episode aired.

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