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"Strengthening Unity through sports" was the theme of the recently concluded sports fest of Bataan General Hospital from May 02 to 07, 2016. It started with a parade and opening program held at Bataan People's Center which was spearheaded by Dr. Vladimir Untalan, head of Anesthesia department. Dr. Glory V. Baltazar, Medical Center Chief, encouraged all employees to be physically active and be a good sport during the entire games. She added that the said event will not only strengthen the physical aspect of their lives but also the unity in the hospital especially in delivering quality health care services to the public.

It was followed by the presentation of muse from the five teams namely Shrek, Avengers, Star Wars, Twilight and Frozen. Dr. Untalan led the team in the oath of sportsmanship and lighting of torch which signaled the start of the 6-day event. Games included were basketball, volleyball, bowling and Palarong Pinoy that showcased the traditional Filipino games.

Team Twilight was declared as the overall winner followed by Team Frozen, Star Wars, Avengers and Shrek. Aside from the individual winners, the winning teams have received a trophy and cash prize.

Just in time for the 2011 college football season, the October Atlantic cover story issued a thorough (read: 25,000-word) indictment of today's college sports. Pulitzer-winning historian Taylor Branch likens the current system, in which TV networks, coaches, and the bureaucrat in the middle of it all—the NCAA—to a plantation reaping millions off the backs of young athletes, many of them African American. Noting the legions of scandals now facing the NCAA, Branch calls for U.S. colleges to abandon the spirit of amateurism — that noble ideal that athletics can be a moral-forming institution in collegiate life — in favor of a simpler idea: Start paying student-athletes.

Julie Davis, the newly appointed athletics director at Wheaton College, Illinois, is in a different world. She appreciates the dilemmas of Division I sports, but her perspective reflects the unique place athletics has at a Christian school.  

Davis, Wheaton's first female athletic director and associate director since 2003, spoke with CT about the Atlantic essay and the role athletics play in shaping students Christward.

You say the scene Branch describes—of antitrust lawsuits, jerseys exchanged for free tattoos, TV ads—is a world apart from your own. What are the main differences between Div. III and Div. I athletic programs?

Div I schools give athletics scholarships. So the students at Div III schools should not be receiving any money based on ability. At Div I schools, in some cases, you're getting an education because of your athletic abilities. Another big difference is that Div. I athletics are typically massively revenue-generating, linked to endorsements and networks in terms of television contracts. That is just not the ...

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