Aqa Ict Info 1 Coursework Synonyms

you don't need all this - you are only allowed to take 20 pages into the exam with you.
You need analysis - background to the business, describe what the client wants, what the current system does, problems with current system, client/user/audience, their skills, list of client requirements, requirements interpreted as an input - process - output table

Then a test plan that has a selection of tests covering:
validity of data input (covering typical, extreme and erroneous data)
accuracy of output
presentation of output
client requirement testing
user and audience testing
Followed by screenshot evidence of these tests.

All of these tests are documented in the specification. You will be asked questions specifically on these types of testing. You do not have to test everything - I suggest my students do a minimum of 2-3 of each type.
You do not need any design diagrams, no evaluation.
That is why it is called SAMPLE WORK - it is a sample out of a bigger piece of work. It is up to the teacher if they insist you create a fully complete and documented system but it doesn't need to go into the exam like that. I always use spreadsheets as sample work as it is the easiest one to cover all the criteria.

Hope this helps.

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