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The sexualized culture mainly referred to as the raunch culture reflects on the changing morals and acceptance of sexual values, identities, practices and liberties in the society. Accepting the morals will entail both social and cultural angles. The forms of sexual experiments and experiences witnessed support changes in culture and sexuality. This portrays emerging sexual discourses and changing rules. The raunch culture effectively portrays pole dancing as a way of expression of sexual empowerment. Many people believe that the raunch culture will bring up the end of feminism.

The culture differs in many areas and the main theme portrays how empowerment is the wave in which the arguments sway. Debates on the escalation of the raunch culture pivots on the increased access ability of the industry as a form of expression that liberates. It also portrays the high commercial value of the industry and its profitability.

Women use the excuse of ones comfort ability with their body and confidence in their sexual expression, to defend their acts of striping and pole dancing. Others feel that it is a social element that brings in fitness and fun. This is debatable, as many others do not agree with this vice. The view of the rise of raunch culture put as a hindrance to empowerment by feminists. They will argue that any empowerment gained from striping is male centered and not an expression of female sexuality but objectifying women as goods for the pleasure men.  The raunch culture and feminism will co-exist when feminist undermine the raunch culture premise.

I believe in this time and age we certainly do live in the raunch culture. Women nowadays believe they are capable of undertaking any activity their male counterparts can do. From the 21st century, the illusion of sexual equality instills down rightly in the minds of women. Women believed there is no gender complementarily. Nowadays, the modern myth of equality of the sexes has taken up its place fully. The multicultural lifestyle roots out and, now the belief of distinct life, suffering and death is no more. In this world, where commercialized sex has reigned, there is a profoundly different existence mode of vernacular gender (Levy 76).

To many, feminism and equality give the go ahead for women to behave as men, insanely. We live in a world of cold rationality, over sexuality and where aggression rewards. With this in mind, the fact that women are always fighting for equity in governance and position of responsibility is ambiguous. The debate of roles of men and women can only be justified when some limiting factors eliminate themselves.

Philosophy mainly bases on self-interest and therefore, when selfishness, anxiety and fear are eliminated, that is when we can judge differences in human beings. Feminism is altered by the reduction of legitimacy of action taken by the state. Many females will find the above statement disturbing claiming feminism will fail with state interfering.

The sods raised in the 80’s and 90’s surfer immensely from the consequences of feminisms. A considerable number gets disorientated by the feminist concepts in schools that girls can do anything. The observation portrays that harsh and cruel nature of the world. It socially and economically crashes majority of these boys. Men are not able to share the harshness equally. That is the truth I address and acknowledge. These feelings bring in separatist feminism, the type that makes women say they are not feminists.

Others believe that feminism tries to make women as free as men do. Men are not free; there are constrains of ignorance, poverty, unemployment, inhuman office culture, punishing work overload and addiction. Maybe, the reason I find feminism so seriously uninspiring, is that it aims to hit low. It aims for something no sensible person wants in the first place. Feminism simply defines itself using men as the referencing point. The aim of feminism is presumably for overthrowing the patriarchy; I wonder why feminist wants to emulate patriarchy. I do not believe a dog will improve a cat’s behavior by copying turning into a cat.

As women genes are for to carry babies, men genes are for to fertilize the women. This role is not possible to change. These are basic derives and we have a long way of understanding these drives. Men will try to justify their drive to till and provide for the family enhancing civilization, as women will try justifying the multitasking nature of nurturing (Zeisler 54).

Mothers feel that nowadays there is too much pressure on kids to get involved in the sexual environment. The television, internet and print media are relaying sexual matters 24houts a day. The olden day’s prime hours, where no sexual material relayed during the day, have died with 90’s. As the media portrays hypersexual culture, the woes of exaggerated feminism in female porn stars, stains children’s way of life. Control of technology with hypersexual content should be controlled. This will, in turn, control the Raunch culture in the next generations. Controlling children may be another way of side stepping the technological encroachment.

The prejudice of feminism should be considered before debates in the field continue. The feminist view that there is women oppression is vague. The world is an equal playing field, where competition gets accepted. Males should be allowed to fight for all they deem is rightfully there as feminist do. There are no favors; therefore, willing competitors will archive their right. Negative media pressure on children should be controlled. This will give children a chance to judge for themselves the culture around them and absorb fruitful stuff. 

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The ethics and politics of raunch culture routinely spark ferocious debate: pornography, lap-dancing, prostitution – red-rag subjects, every one.

For some post-feminists, it's all about choice and empowerment: the opportunity to overthrow repression of all kinds. Others argue that lads' mags have brainwashed us into believing that what suits Nuts coincides precisely – ta-dah! – with our "innermost desires".

It was reported this week that Miley Cyrus is struggling with the transition from "wholesome" child star to "raunchy" adult artist. Interesting – first that these appear to be her only options; and second because, for many children, the line between childish naivety and adult raunch begins considerably sooner.

Recently, Primark was forced to withdraw its padded bikini-bra for seven-year-olds. A quick trawl of the high street reveals dominatrix-inspired high-heeled shoes to fit an eight-year-old; padded bras for pre-teens; T-shirts with "Future Wag" and "England Babe" emblazoned across the chest.

We may instinctively recoil from products like these; but we may also think twice about criticising them too loudly. Raunch culture has been extraordinarily successful at rebranding all criticism as prudishness – allowing it to march to the heart of mainstream culture, almost unchallenged.

What's wrong, after all, with little girls dressing up? Or with sexiness (the subtextual conclusion is, of course, " … you sour old prude".)

But you don't have to be a prude (or, as it happens, a feminist – the two terms are still used interchangeably) to believe that little girls should not be told that their value exists in appealing the opposite sex; nor that it's sad for girls – and boys – to grow up confusing a porn-inspired pastiche of female sexuality with the real thing.

Not only sad, but corrosive to their mental health. A 2007 study by the American Psychological Association found that girls' "cognitive functioning, physical and mental health, and healthy sexual development" was being damaged by their media portrayal as sex objects. A Girl Guides study similarly found that premature sexualisation was a "key influence" in rising anxiety felt by girls.

So, who can turn back the creeping tide? Parents – absolutely. While a minority love to dress their kids like teetering mini-Jordans, most of us are just too damn tired to argue. But if we don't want padded bras for nine-year-olds to become the norm, we mustn't buy them. It's time to learn to hold the line, even against a nine-year-old.

Retailers, too, must step up to the plate. Some will argue that it is not their job to make judgments on parents' behalf. But as a general rule, we don't allow the market a free rein if its imperatives conflict with the well-being of children. We self-regulate – and if that doesn't work, we legislate.

So it's extremely heartening to see that many retailers have agreed to shoulder some of the burden, alongside parents, by ensuring that the products they sell don't sexualise children. With luck, we can buy children a little more time to actually be children – before we send them out to negotiate raunch culture for themselves.

• Kate Williams is campaigns co-ordinator at Mumsnet, which recently launched its Let Girls Be Girls campaign

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