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The Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) of KU's School of Engineering introduced its exciting new undergraduate degree, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT), for the KU Edwards Campus in 2012 to address the IT needs of industrial and governmental organizations in Johnson Country and the Greater Kansas City metropolitan area.

The BSIT program focuses on technology, managerial, and administrative sides of information technology and its curriculum offers courses in computer information security, systems administration, Web systems and technologies, information security management, software development, computer networks, database design, human-computer interaction, project management, system architecture and integration, operating systems, social and professional issues in IT, network security, and such. The BSIT curriculum is based on the ACM/IEEE-CS Curriculum Guidelines for Undergraduate Program in Information Technology and is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET (http://www.abet.org).

The BSIT program was developed in cooperation with the Johnson County Community College (JCCC) and with a unique partnership with the Johnson Country Education Research Triangle (JCERT). The joint goal is to create economic stimulus and a higher quality of life in Johnson County through new facilities and educational opportunities.

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Please note: the BSIT and MSIT programs are two of the 11 undergraduate and graduate degree programs offered by the EECS Department. We have developed this website as a convenience for the IT students and visitors to facilitate quick access to the most relevant information they may need. For the full range of departmental degree programs (five undergraduate, four Master's, and two Ph.D. degree programs), please visit the main EECS website.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Program

Graduates who have earned a bachelor’s degree in information technology will combine technical expertise with modern problem-solving and communication skills to plan, configure, implement, integrate, and maintain computing and information technology solutions for an organization’s computing infrastructure.

The undergraduate program in Information Technology is offered in its entirety only at the KU Edwards Campus, 12600 Quivira Rd., Overland Park, KS 66213. Students considering this degree option should contact the Information Technology advisor on the Edwards Campus, bsit@ku.edu, 785-864-8623 (from Lawrence) or 913-897-8623 (outside Lawrence), for advising.

This program is funded by the Education and Research Triangle initiative.


Professional Opportunities

Information technology (IT) professionals are needed in nearly every business sector. They may find careers in information security, software development, platform technologies, network and system administration, Web system development, and IT project management.

Undergraduate Admission to the B.S. in Information Technology Program

Applications to the B.S. in Information Technology program will generally be considered under the guidelines of the Transfer Admission Standards.  In addition, to be considered for admission, students will need to complete the B.S. in Information Technology prerequisite course work listed below.

Transfer Admission Standards

Applications from all transfer students, whether from other institutions or from other KU units, are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. In general, students with grade-point averages under 2.5 are not considered.  No upper-level engineering credits from non-ABET-accredited engineering programs are acceptable as transfer credit for engineering programs. Admission is selective, and meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

First-year Students

First-year undergraduate students may be admitted, but all admissions, both in-state and out-of-state, are selective. Visit the Office of Admissions for admission requirements. Visit the Office of International Student and Scholar Services for information about international admissions.

Applications are judged on several factors, including but not limited to high school record, scores on national tests, academic record at college or university level, and trend of grades. High school transcripts and ACT scores are required. Equivalent SAT scores may be substituted.

Minimum Academic Standards for Admission

To be considered for admission to the School of Engineering, beginning first-year students must meet or exceed the following minimum standards:

  • 3.0 grade-point average on a 4.0 scale on the Kansas Board of Regents Qualified Admissions college-preparatory curriculum.
  • Top 50 percent of the graduating class of an accredited high school or the equivalent.
  • Mathematics ACT score of 22 (or mathematics SAT score of 540). Some engineering degree programs may require a higher mathematics ACT score.

These minimum admission standards apply to all School of Engineering departments. Meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

B.S. in Information Technology Prerequisite Course Work

The successful completion of the following requirements is needed for admission into the B.S. in Information Technology program:

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Degree Requirements

The KU Core

This is the university-wide curriculum that all incoming undergraduate students will complete as part of their degree requirements. It comprises three general education goals and three advanced education goals. Associated with each goal is one or more learning outcomes:

  • GE 1.1, Goal 1/Outcome 1, Critical Thinking;
  • GE 1.2, Goal 1/Outcome 2, Quantitative Literacy;
  • GE 2.1, Goal 2/Outcome 1, Written Communication;
  • GE 2.2, Goal 2/Outcome 2, Oral Communication;
  • GE 3H, Goal 3/Outcome 1, Arts & Humanities;
  • GE 3N Goal 3/Outcome 2, Natural Sciences;
  • GE 3S Goal 3 /Outcome 3, Social Sciences;
  • AE 4.1, Goal 4/Outcome 1, Diversity;
  • AE 4.2 Goal 4/Outcome 2 Culture;
  • AE 5.1, Goal 5/Outcome 1, Social Responsibility & Ethics (course);
  • AE 5.2, Goal 5/Outcome 2, Social Responsibility & Ethics (practice);
  • AE 6.1, Goal 6/Outcome 1/2, Integration & Creativity.

Details of the KU Core can be found at kucore.ku.edu. Some required courses in the IT curricula satisfy a KU Core goal and/or outcome4. For these courses, the goal/outcome code is given in parentheses after the course on the pages below. Where required courses do NOT specifically satisfy KU Core goals (Goals 2, 3, and 4) students must choose from a list of several means to satisfy the required goals.

A minimum of 120 credit hours is required for the B.S. in Information Technology, as follows:

EECS 168Programming I4
EECS 268Programming II4
IT 310Computer Organization and Platform Technologies3
IT 320System and Network Administration3
IT 330Web Systems and Technologies3
IT 340Computer and Information Security3
IT 342Information Security Management3
IT 410Software Engineering and Management3
IT 416System Integration and Architecture3
IT 420Operating Systems3
IT 422Computer Networks3
IT 430Human-Computer Interaction3
IT 450Social and Professional Issues3
IT 490IT Capstone I (AE 6.1)3
IT 492IT Capstone II3
MATH 101College Algebra (GE 1.2)3
MATH 365Elementary Statistics3
BIOL 150Principles of Molecular and Cellular Biology (GE 3N)4-5
or CHEM 130 General Chemistry I
PHSX 114College Physics I4
ACCT 205Survey of Accounting (or equivalent)3-4
or ACCT 200 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
MGMT 305Survey of Management and Leadership3
BBA 410Project Management3
ENGL 362Foundations of Technical Writing3
ECON 104Introductory Economics (or equivalent)3-4
or ECON 142 Principles of Microeconomics
or ECON 144 Principles of Macroeconomics
PSYC 104General Psychology (GE 3S)3

Upper Level Eligibility

In addition to prerequisites and co-requisites, Information Technology undergraduates are required to earn Upper Level Course Eligibility by attaining grades of C or better in each of the following 8 courses:

GE 2.1 (both)

PHSX 114

MATH 101

Discrete Structures I and II (EECS 210, MATH 450, or equivalent)

EECS 168

EECS 268

If students earn less than a C in any of the above listed courses, they must repeat the course at the next available opportunity and must not take a course for which that course is a prerequisite.  It is the students' responsibility to contact their advisors before beginning the new semester regarding any required repetitions and the associated enrollment adjustments (drops and adds).

To enroll in any upper-level IT course (numbered 300 and above), students must have fulfilled the Upper Level Eligibility Requirements detailed above. Students may also petition for a Partial Waiver of Upper Level Eligibility Requirements by completing the appropriate petition; contact the BSIT advisor, Sharla Cruse, at bsit@ku.edu for more information.

Information Technology 4-Year Graduation Plan

The undergraduate program in Information Technology is offered in its entirety only at the KU Edwards Campus in Overland Park, 12600 Quivira Rd., Overland Park, KS 66213. This program is designed for students who have earned an associate’s degree or equivalent hours and wish to complete the upper-level courses necessary for a bachelor’s degree.  Students planning to attain the degree will need to transfer key credits from other academic institutions as not all required courses are available through KU.

First and Second Year Preparation

The first two years of study for this degree program are typically completed at Johnson County Community College. Students considering this degree option should contact the Information Technology advisor on the KU Edwards Campus, bsit@ku.edu, 864-8623 (from Lawrence) or 913-897-8623 (outside Lawrence), for advising on the first two years of study.

Year 1
Semester 1HoursSemester 2Hours
GE 2.1 (first)13GE 2.1 (second)13
MATH 101 (GE 1.2)3EECS 1684
Programming Fundamentals24GE 3H3
ACCT 205 or 200 (or equivalent)3-4BIOL 150 or CHEM 130 (GE 3N)4-5
GE 2.213
Year 2
Semester 1HoursSemester 2Hours
Discrete Structures I23EECS 2684
PSYC 104 (GE 3S)3AE 4.1 or AE 4.213
Database Management34Discrete Structures II23
ECON 104, 142, or 144 (or equivalent)3-4PHSX 1144
UNIX Scripting and Utilities33
Total Hours: 60-63

Third and Fourth Year at the KU Edwards Campus in Overland Park

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