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Being a successful doctoral student at the University of Southern California requires knowing and following many academic policies and procedures. Accomplishing certain tasks requires the use of necessary forms and contact with multiple campus offices.


The following forms are most commonly used during the pursuit of your Doctor of Education degree. Please contact your Academic Advisor about which form you may require or for guidance on completing any of the forms.

Advising Recordings:

These will provide important instructions and information about how to complete specific procedures successfully as you pursue your Doctor of Education degree. Please contact your Academic Advisor for guidance on the recordings.

Archived Ed.D. Program Office Recordings:

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  • Critical Reading and Literature Review Presentation:
    Learn what we mean when we say “synthesize the literature on your course paper topic or research focus” as part of your literature review.

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CPED recognizes EdD alumna’s dissertation

Marion Philadelphia

Marion Philadelphia’s EdD dissertation, “Will School-Based Online Faculty Development be an Effective Tool for Their Professional Growth,” received “Honorable Mention” by the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED). Philadelphia, who earned her EdD in Educational Psychology from Rossier in 2013, is one of three winners of the nationwide CPED competition to honor exemplary Dissertations in Practice, alternates to traditional dissertations based upon professional practice programs. Dr. Patricia Tobey was her dissertation chair.

Through Dissertations in Practice and realigned academic programs, CPED is working to better connect scholarly research with current issues in the field of education. The group’s intent is to encourage individuals and groups to create educational practices that adhere to the CPED definition of Dissertation in Practice:

As the culminating experience that demonstrates the scholarly practitioner’s ability to solve problems of practice, the Dissertation in Practice exhibits the doctoral candidate’s ability “to think, to perform, and to act with integrity” (Shulman, 2005).

Philadelphia is an Associate Professor of Clinical Management Communication at the Marshall School of Business. Prior to teaching she spent much of her professional career in public relations, journalism, and marketing for the entertainment industry. She is particularly interested in global communication and has expertise in addressing the needs of international, transfer and minority students. She is also interested in continuous faculty professional development, coaching, and mentoring.

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