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IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 1122 - Children brought up in families with less money are better prepared

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IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Children brought up in families with less money are better prepared for life than those from wealthy families.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer 1: (Better parenting, regardless of family wealth, is more important.)
Childhood experience and learning determine someone's personality and determination to prosper in life. Some people believe that children in wealthy families are over indulged and do not learn the important lessons to face the future challenges while middle and low-class families better prepare their offsprings. Personally, I believe that better parenting, regardless of family wealth, is more important.

To begin with, children in middle and low-income class families learn to face difficulties in life, share something with others, work hard to have a better life and this is why it is thought that they are better prepared to face the life. For instance, the highest scorer in our college was from a lower-middle class family and he devoted most of his time for study. He valued good grades more than any other student in our class. He, somehow, was convinced that the only way to get out of financial problems is to become the top scorer. On the contrary, children from wealthy families get better facilities, education and career opportunities. Despite being an average student, Patrick, one of my classmates, got admitted in the best university in our country and he has a better career than the top scorer in our college.

I personally belive that parenting is more important than money. It is not always the money of experience that makes a good citizen, rather the morale the parent's implants in a child often determine how ready he is to face the life.      

To conclude, though it is generally believed that children from less fortunate families are better prepared for the future, I, on the other hand, believe that proper parenting is far more important.


Sample Answer 2: (Disagreement)
Money plays a pivotal role in today's social and family life and it has a relationship with the way a child grows up and prepares to meet the challenges in the future. Usually, rich families compensate better life for the children. However, some people argue that children who are brought up in middle-class families are often better prepared for their future than those who are brought up in wealthier families. I personally believe that children from wealthier families get better opportunities and they learn far more to be prepared for the future challenges.
On the one hand, it is said that families with less money prepare their children for a better future. It is true that those children learn the key elements of life in their childhood; such as the real value of money as well as how hard is it to earn, the importance of family tie and so on. Often, those children learn to save money for their future use. Therefore they automatically prepare for setting a target in life and make plans for pursuing them. Therefore many significant qualities of life which are learned by these children from such a family in their earlier stages in life.

On the other hand, children from wealthier families are little behind in terms of learning many important things in childhood when compared with the mindset of poor children. However, they have all the facilities which they need for their education and future. For instance, they are well equipped with all the necessary requirement to start a business or join a job without a hassle. Furthermore, those families build the foundation for their children to begin their life perfectly. The education, teaching and facilities those rich children get are far better than the education and teaching of the poor children. Moreover, those rich children eventually learn the most important aspects of life, may be little latter than the poor children, but they have far greater facilities that ultimately give them advantages in life.
To conclude, money and education build a better future life. Because of that, wealthier children have much better and flexible life than poor children. Therefore, I believe children from wealthy families get a competitive advantage than the children from poor families in terms of education and preparation for the future.

[Written by - Romesh Rodrigo]

Sample Answer 3:
Who are better prepared to face the life - adults who were raised lavishly or in a destitute condition? To a certain extent, I would agree that children who were raised in a low-income family are better in facing life than those who came from a rich family. However, I also believe that it really depends on how parents teach their children.

For a number of reasons, many experts believe that children who are brought up in the middle and low-income families are better prepared in facing life, as life is not always easy. Firstly, these children are accustomed living a simple lifestyle. Instead of having their own room, with all the toys and comfortable beds in the room, they have to sleep with their siblings in a small room. They learn how to share, take care of others, manage the budgets and most importantly become contented with whatever they have. As these children do not have many luxuries in life, they would easily adapt to the harsh conditions. Secondly, these children are already taught to be independent at an early age. Many of their parents could not afford to pay school tuition fees, therefore they have to have a part-time job to pay the school fees. They appreciate more about education as they have to pay by their own and thus learn to be independent at an early age.
These experts also believe that children who are raised in rich families will face difficulties when they grow up and face the real world. One of the reasons is that their parents have always provided them with all the materials they wanted and needed. They have fancy clothes, expensive toys and advanced gadgets in their hands without having to work hard. As they rely heavily on the parent's wealth, they will face problems if there is a financial crisis. However, not all wealthy parents spoil their children, and in many instances, rich children get better facilities to settle in life.

To conclude, the upbringing of a child mostly defines who he will become in the future. Family wealth, though important from some angels, is not always the determining fact for someone's personality and adaptability as better parenting is more crucial.

[Written by - Darwin Sugiharto]

Free Narrative Essays - I Was Poor, Not Low Class

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I Was Poor, Not Low Class


Remember as a child people would tell you, "You are what you eat." When you are fed fat, you will become fat. When fed violence, you become violent. A diet of anger will make you hate. Hunger will make you hungrier, or so it would seem. I think it is ironic that we teach children at a young age to judge people by means other than the content of their character. Then, we expect children to be honest and loving after being labeled by how others view them. After all, how many people, besides your closest friends and family, can walk into your room and point to items that give a reflection of who you really are? The thought of being that shallow and simple is unthinkable for most of the human species. Instead of being labeled by the world as it sees me, I plan to introduce myself to the world for who I really am.


I have eaten from the plate of materialism, only to find that it tasted foul in my mouth. I bought the high-end stereo and the large television. I soon realized these possessions made me feel guilty because I was ignoring my upbringing. I was betraying all of the feelings that I felt as a child in a poor family. Now, my walls are bare because I do not like to surround myself with propaganda. The same propaganda advertisers flaunted in front of me while I was growing up in a lower income family, not lower class. The notion that the country's population is separated into classes by wealth, with the least wealthy deemed the lower class, is repulsive to me. I refuse to conform to the typical American consumer stereotype who needs material possessions to feel validated, ever again.


My dorm room is highlighted by a loft I built myself. The loft was not purchased from a hardware store or from a designer catalog. I used my carpentry knowledge and my own two hands to carefully construct the perfect loft. The loft does not symbolize convenience or organization as most may think. It is a symbol of my incredible independence, even to a fault.

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I take pride in surviving without the help of others. I do not think people are incapable providing assistance. I do not feel comfortable asking for help. I feel weak and stupid when I ask for help. If someone offers help for their own sake or for the sake of the project, I am happy to work as a team. However, if I think the person is offering help because they think I am incapable, I then get defensive. At the end of a project I feel pride in what I am capable of accomplishing.


Absent from my room are pictures and material keepsakes from vacations or other special times. Some people cluster their rooms and offices with pictures of their friends skiing in the mountains. I do not have jars of sand from spring break displayed on a shelf next to an array of photographs for the entire world to see. I am content to keep these memories to myself. I do not wish to expose them to anyone who might be walking past an open door. I feel my memories are intruded upon when left nakedly in the open. I pass my memories on to whom I please when I am comfortable. My simplicity of decorating is a sign of my lack of trust for those I do not know and my reclusive personality. If I were more open, I too would display pictures and keepsakes proudly. Unfortunately, I learned not to trust as a child unlike most people whose childhood is a medium for trust.


I am not a product of what I have "eaten". I would be a scared, miserable person if this were the case. Instead, I have become independent and content. The bitter tone is the residue of a harsh reality imposed on an innocent child. Although soured from some of my experiences, I find solace in stripping myself of labels and actively choosing who I become. Remember, you are who you choose to be not what you "eat" or what other people label you.


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