Caribbean History Books Bibliography


- Archaeological-History Survey of Tobago by Arie Boomert, Omar Ortiz Troncoso, H. van Regteren Altena (Manuscript, 1987)
- A History of Diego Martin by Anthony de Verteuil C.S.Sp. (Paria Publishing)
- A History of Modern Trinidad 1783-1962 by Bridget Brereton (Heinemann)
- A History of Trinidad Oil by George E. Huggins (Trinidad Express)
- A Journey of Memories by Joseph Abdo Sabga
- A Photograph Album of Trinidad by G. Besson (Paria Publishing)
- African Kingdoms by Basil Davidson (Time Life)
- Ajoupa by John Newel Lewis, H.B.M.
- Alfred Codallo by Holly Gayadeen
- An Introduction to the History of Trinidad and Tobago by Bridget Brereton (Heinemann)
- At Last – A Christmas in the West Indies by Charles Kingsley (Macmillan)
- Atlas zur Weltgeschichte by Karl Leonhart (Ernst Klett)
- Babylon on a thin wire by Adrian Boot and Michael Thomas (Thames & Hudson)
- Business is Good by Gillian Royes (Hi-Lo Foodstores)
- Calypso from France to Trinidad by the Roaring Lion
- Captain A.A. Cipriani: his best orations by Randolph Mitchell (compiler)
- Caribbean Islands by John MacPherson
- Caribbean Issues, Vol. II, No. 3 (U.W.I.)
- Caribbean Quarterly
- Carnival, Calypso and Steelband in Trinidad by Ernest Brown (The Black Perspective in Music)
- Cazabon – An Illustrated Biography by Geoffrey McLean (Aquarela Galleries)
- Chambers Biographical Dictionary
- Christmas Magazine of the Trinidad Guardian 1936
- C.I.C Annual 1919 by College of the Immaculate Conception
- Duprey – The Success Story by Owen Baptiste
- East Indians in the West Indies by Arthur and Juanita Niehoff (Milwaukee Public Museum)
- Eight East Indian Immigrants by Anthony de Verteuil, C.S.Sp. (Paria Publishing)
- Elma Francois by Rhoda Reddock (New Beacon Books)
- Escape from the Terror by Felice Harcourt (Ed.) (Folio)
- Evolution of the Traditional Calypso by Jacob Elder (PhD thesis)
- First in Trinidad by Michael Anthony (Paria Publishing)
- Franklin's Yearbook of 1916 by C.B. Franklin
- Free Mulatto by J.B. Philippe (Paria Publishing)
- From Colonial to Republic by the Republic Bank of Trinidad and Tobago (Paria Publishing)
- From Columbus to Castro by Eric Williams (André Deutsch)
- Governor Fargo by Andre Phillips
- Hansards Trinidad and Tobago 1921 (Government Printery)
- Heroes of the People by Michael Anthony (Circle Press)
- Historical Sketches by K.S. Wise (Trinidad Historical Society)
- History of Aviation by Gaylord Kelshall for the Airports Authority of T&T
- History of the English-Speaking Peoples by Winston Churchill
- History of Ethiopia by Jean Dorsett
- History of the Island of Trinidad under the Spanish Government by Pierre Gustave Louis Borde (Paria Publishing)
- History of Trinidad by Lionel Fraser
- History of the World by Esmond Wright (Ed.) (Bonanza Books)
- In Celebration of 150 Years of the Indian Contribution to Trinidad and Tobago by Diane Quentrall-Thomas (ed.)
- Indian Centenary Review 1845-1945 by M. Kirpalani, M. Sinanan, L. Seukeran
- Keeper of Springs by Ingrid Trobisch Youngdale (Multnomah)
- Labour of Indians by Prof. Kusha Haraksingh (in: Celebration of 150 years of the Indian Contribution)
- Jackson's Book of Trinidad, 1906
- Goodnight Ladies and Gents, CD compilation of Lionel Belasco's works, Rounder Records (liner notes)
- Guppy Yearbooks
- Man of the Naparimas, paper by Dr. Carl Campbell
- Manuscript by Dr. Roderick Thompson
- Manuscripts by Dr. Philip Sherlock for Radio Guardian, 1964
- Mme. Philip-O, paper by Lorna Mc Daniel
- My Yesterdays by Olga Comma Maynard
- Natural products in Caribbean Folk Medicine by C.E. Seaforth (U.W.I.)
- Orisha Traditions by J.D. Elder (paper, 1987)
- Our Flag and other National Emblems, Government of Trinidad and Tobago, 1962
- Out of the Shadows of the Past by Michael Pocock (Paria Publishing)
- Parade of the Carnivals by Michael Anthony (Circle Press)
- Parish Beat by St. Marie-Therese O.P. (Inprint)
- Race Relations in Colonial Trinidad 1870-1900 by Bridget Brereton (Cambridge University Press)
- Ramblings from a distant past by Phillip Thompson
- Reminiscences of old Trinidad by L.O. Inniss
- Rums of the Eastern Caribbean by Edward Hamilton (Tafia Publishing)
- Scientific Sorties by Fr. A. de Verteuil
- Sea Fish of the Caribbean by Harry Vincent
- Seven Slaves & Slavery by Fr. Anthony de Verteuil, C.S.Sp.
- Six Months in the West Indies by Henry Colridges (1825)
- Sketches of Amerindian Tribes by Edward A. Goodall (British Museum)
- Smiles and Blood by Susan Craig (New Beacon Books)
- Starks Guide-Book and History of Trinidad by James H. Stark (1897)
- Survey of His Majesty's Dominions in the West Indies by Bryan Edwards (1793)
- The Age of Piracy by Robert Carse (Robert Hale)
- The Book of Trinidad by Gerard Besson and Bridget Brereton (Paria Publishing)
- The Caribbean Handbook 1990 by Jeremy Taylor (Ed.) (FT Caribbean)
- The Conquistadores by Hammond Innes (Collins)
- The Destruction of Black Civilisations by Chancellor Williams
- The Fire of Liberty by Esmond Wright (Ed.) (Folio)
- The First Ship – The Fath al Razak by Dr. Brinsley Samaroo (in: Celebration of 150 years of the Indian Contribution)
- The First World War in Posters by Joseph Darracott (Dover Publications)
- The Germans in Trinidad by Anthony de Verteuil, C.S.Sp. (Litho Press)
- The History of the West Indian Islands of Trinidad and Tobago by Gertrude Carmichael (Columbus Publishers)
- The History of Trinidad by E.L. Joseph
- The Island of Trinidad by Daniel Hart
- The Jewish Community in Trinidad 1930s-1970s by Donna Farah (manuscr.)
- The Making of Port of Spain Vol. 1 by Michael Anthony (Key Caribbean)
- The Messianic Legacy by M. Baigent, R. Leigh & H. Lincoln (Corgi Books)
- The Story of Port of Spain by C.R. Ottley (Longman Caribbean)
- The Story of Tobago by C.R. Ottley (Longman)
- The Trinidad and Tobago Yearbook, 1916 by C.B. Franklin (Franklins Electric Printery)
- The Trinidad Callaloo by C.R. Ottley (Crusoe Publishing)
- The U-Boat War in the Caribbean by Gaylord Kelshall (Paria Publishing)
- The Voodoo Gods by Maya Deren (Granada Publishing)
- The Wage Problem in Trinidad and Tobago (1838-1938), paper by James Millette
- Through a Maze of Colour by Albert Gomes (Key Caribbean)
- Tobago by Gerard Besson (Manuscript)
- Tobago Stories by C.R. Ottley
- Travels in Trinidad by Pierre F. McCallum
- Treatments and cures with local herbs by Albertina Pavy (Paria)
- Trinidad Carnival by Andrew Pearse, ed. (Paria Publishing)
- Trinidad Historical Society Papers 
- Trinidad in Transition by Donald Wood
- West Indian Histories by Edward W. Daniel (Thomas Nelson)
- Women and Development by Shameen Ali (in: Celebration of 150 years of the Indian Contribution)
- 100 Years of Australian Cricket by Horace Harragin
- 130 Years – Challenge and Transition by D.N. Vidyarthi (Ed.)

General Maps
Introduction: Caribbean Counterpoints


1 Geographies of Opportunity, Geographies of Constraint
David Barker

2 Contemporary Caribbean Ecologies: The Weight of History
Duncan McGregor

3 The Earliest Settlers
L. Antonio Curet

4 Old World Precedents: Sugar and Slavery in the Mediterranean
William D. Phillips Jr.


5 The Columbian Moment: Politics, Ideology, and Biohistory
Reinaldo Funes Monzote

6 From Tainos to Africans in the Caribbean: Labor, Migration, and Resistance
Jalil Sued- Badillo

7 Negotiations of Conquest
Lynne A. Guitar

8 Toward Sugar and Slavery
Stephan Palmié

9 Masterless People: Maroons, Pirates, and Commoners
Isaac Curtis


10 The Caribbean between Empires: Colonists, Pirates, and Slaves
Josep M. Fradera

11 Imperial Decline, Colonial Adaptation: The Spanish Islands during the Long 17th Century
Francisco A. Scarano

12 The Atlantic Framework of 17th- Century Colonization
Alison Games

13 Servants and Slaves during the 17th- Century Sugar Revolution
Hilary McD. Beckles

14 The French and Dutch Caribbean, 1600– 1800
Philip Boucher

15 Slaves and Tropical Commodities: The Caribbean in the South Atlantic System
Selwyn H. H. Carrington and Ronald C. Noel


16 Slave Cultures: Systems of Domination and Forms of Resistance
Philip Morgan

17 Rivalry, War, and Imperial Reform in the 18th- Century Caribbean
Douglas Hamilton

18 The Haitian Revolution
Laurent Dubois

19 The Abolition of Slavery in the Non- Hispanic Caribbean
Diana Paton

20 Econocide? From Abolition to Emancipation in the British and French Caribbean
Dale Tomich

21 Missionaries, Planters, and Slaves in the Age of Abolition
Jean Besson


22 A Second Slavery? The 19th- Century Sugar Revolutions in Cuba and Puerto Rico
Christopher Schmidt- Nowara

23 Peasants, Immigrants, and Workers: The British and French Caribbean after Emancipation
Gad Heuman

24 War and Nation Building: Cuban and Dominican Experiences
Robert Whitney

25 The Rise of the American Mediterranean, 1846– 1905
Luis Martínez- Fernández

26 The Conundrum of Race: Retooling Inequality
Elizabeth Cooper

27 Africa, Europe, and Asia in the Making of the 20th- Century Caribbean
Aisha Khan


28 Building US Hegemony in the Caribbean
Brenda Gayle Plummer

29 The American Sugar Kingdom, 1898– 1934
César J. Ayala

30 Culture, Labor, and Race in the Shadow of US Capital
Winston James

31 Labor Protests, Rebellions, and the Rise of Nationalism during Depression and War
O. Nigel Bolland

32 Toward Decolonization: Impulses, Processes, and Consequences since the 1930s
Anne S. Macpherson

33 The Caribbean and the Cold War: Between Reform and Revolution
David Sheinin


34 The Long Cuban Revolution
Michael Zeuske

35 Independence and Its Aftermath: Suriname, Trinidad, and Jamaica
Anthony P. Maingot

36 The Colonial Persuasion: Puerto Rico and the Dutch and French Antilles
Humberto García Muñiz

37 An Island in the Mirror: The Dominican Republic and Haiti
Pedro L. San Miguel

38 Tourism, Drugs, Off shore Finance, and the Perils of Neoliberal Development
Robert Goddard

39 Caribbean Migrations and Diasporas
Christine M. Du Bois


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