Essay On Why I Want To Be A Manager

How to Answer ‘Why Do You Want to be a Manager?’

When you’re trying to make the career transition from being a team member to being a manager, your interviewer will likely want to know what your motivations are for making the change. You can expect to get some variation of the question: “Why do you want to be a manager?” or “Why do you want to be a supervisor?”

There are both good and bad reasons to give for wanting to join the ranks of management, and how you answer this question will tell the interviewer a lot about your management qualifications and leadership capacity.

Here are some tips examples for giving the best possible answer.


Highlights Benefits for the Company, Not Your Career

You probably want to move into a managerial position because it is the next logical step in you career progression. But that’s obvious to the hiring managers, and is not what they want to hear. Instead, you need to show them how you being a manager will help the company.

“In the interview, focus on how you can help the team achieve self-development together and avoid talking about management in terms of yourself,” suggests Yuri Khlystov, CEO at Laowai Career. “If you are not a team player, it will show.”

Bad Answer: I have been working towards a management position for five years and feel like I deserve to lead a team of my own now.

Good Answer: I am passionate about the work we do here, and I feel that my experience will be very valuable in leading the team towards greater success.


Give Real-World Examples of Your Leadership

To convince the hiring manager that you’re a good fit for the job, you need to prove you can handle it and have the right personality traits to lead a group. Give concrete examples that show how you lead others. Do you have experience with leading a project, or working with people of diverse backgrounds and personalities? Your example doesn’t need to be a huge project that you have managed, just any time when you have used leadership to get something done.

Bad Answer: I am a born leader, people have always told me this.

Good Answer: In my last position, I was given responsibility for the launch of a new initiative. It was a time sensitive project, but I managed all of the details and delegated responsibilities with team-members. The launch went off without a hitch, and the team was praised for our efforts.


Demonstrate Your Management Mindset

Being a manager entails a lot of responsibility, so it’s a good idea to let the hiring manager know that you recognize that when talking about why you want to be a manager. Explain what your theory of management is, and how you plan to lead and manage a team to success. Perhaps highlight some leadership challenges you have seen or dealt with, and explain how you would handle it differently.

“Try to spin it where your time as a team member will give you a complete understanding on how to motivate your team,” says Pierre Tremblay, Director of Human Resources at DUPRAY Inc.

Bad Answer: I want more responsibility, and I’ll do a better job than the last manager.

Good Answer: I am prepared to take on the added responsibilities of being a manager. Rather than the current weekly progress meetings, I would like to have a daily team meetings to ensure that the project is moving along as it should and address any issues.

Moving into a managerial position is a big and exciting career development. The first step towards achieving that goal is answering that question, “Why do you want to be a manager?” Follow these interview tips, and it will be clear to the interviewer that you are management material.

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I want to be a manager when I grow up Essay

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I believe you learn about leadership by acting as an example. You should be prepared to do the things you are asking others to do by getting on your hands and knees, if need be, and get your hands dirty. This engraves a picture into the mind of an employee or subordinate to what type of a manager you are. In this paper, I will cover the role a manager plays in an organization describing four functions of management: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. I will then describe three traits: conceptual, human, and technical, which an individual must possess to become a successful manager within an organization and how they fit in with the four functions.
There are usually three management levels within an organization:…show more content…

The success or failure of an organization falls back on the top manager (Jones & George, 2011).
To motivate employees to work towards reaching organizational goals, managers frequently depend on some form of enticement. Beyond monetary compensation, awards and additional types of acknowledgment can be given, and the ability to choose a work schedule is a possibility. A reasonable pay system, which would be an incentive for individuals and groups to achieve organizational goals, is a hardship manager’s face (Jones & George, 2011). Within the company that I work for, every quarter awards are presented to Customer Service Agents who have maintained a 95 percent or above quality score. Monetary awards are given out as well as time off coupons.
Making decisions is a manager's job and at times difficult choices have to be made with little or no information available. One of the most difficult skills of management is knowing how to hand over assignments to employees. The manager meticulous considers which employee should be allowed to work on the project. The employee needs to know they will have the freedom to make a decision and can expect feedback (DeVita, 2010).
An effective manager should focus on the overall objective and prepare for the future. They also need to consider any minor issues that arise because the little things could help the overall objective. An effective manager cannot sit back and manage employees from an office.

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