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We came to Alaska with the Air Force in 2004. We hail from Upstate New York and had one assignment in Northern California, prior to coming to Alaska. We purchased this home in 2008 and started getting the self-sustaining bug shortly thereafter. We welcomed chickens, then ducks and geese, then turkeys, goats, bees and cows. The number and type of animals residing here has varied over the years. August 2017, due to health and personal issues, we decided to get out of the farming life and head back East to be closer to family. This is when we read about the up and coming method of selling properties and businesses in a creative way. An Essay Contest! Ingenious! Why not for our place? Could it work? Is it legal?

We spent the next six weeks researching, asking questions, selling off our precious goats, rabbits and chickens (all we had left at this point) and talking to The State of Alaska Department of Taxation and Finance, Gaming Division to see what the ramifications could be. We copied and tweaked a contract from another essay contest, then had a local real estate lawyer go over it to point out any errors and make suggestions. The First National Bank of Alaska looked over the contract and made some suggestions. Then we opened the escrow account, filled out the banking forms and HERE WE ARE! We are officially running an essay contest to "sell" our home and farm, the place we have poured so much love and sweat into over the past nine years.

Yes, the $1,000 entry fee is high, but the odds are great! 1 in 420 chances. Consider this, also... Submit TWO essays and entry fees... your chances are much greater! The possibilities are expansive! So, prayerfully, consider if you wish to live in Alaska. Consider if you have an expendable $1,000 to take the chance. Consider how the wording of your essay might set it apart from anyone else's. Consider what kind of animals you might fill the barn and corals with, if you were to win. Consider how you might use the property and buildings, should you not want to be a farmer! Then TAKE THE PLUNGE! We pray that you are the one!

An Alabama couple will give away their beloved goat cheese farm to the lucky winner of an essay contest who can properly pen why they're the right person to run the creamery.

Paul and Leslie Spell's 20-acre debt-free family farm in Elkmont is up for grabs — along with their house, 85 goats, and $20,000 to keep the cheese churning, ABC News affiliate WAAY-TV reported.

"We've had a pretty successful run here, and I thought it was time for us to go help someone else," Paul told Al.com.

The couple owns Humble Heart Farms, which produces natural goat cheese and low-fat frozen desserts dubbed "Udder Escapes" and "Bama Cools."

But the retiring lovebirds are looking to leave to help their missionary friends start a goat farm in Costa Rica, they said on a website they created to host the contest.

It costs $150 to enter the competition, which the Spells hope will draw at least 2,500 contestants.

The winner will be announced on Oct. 15.

"Take a moment and jot down why you or your organization is the perfect fit to continue the farmstead goat cheese tradition," the couple wrote.


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