Sinhala And Tamil New Year Festival Essays About Love

Every child in the world has a hobby such as gardening, collecting stamps, reading, drawing, collecting pictures of famous people and visiting famous places. My hobby is writing to the Funday Times.

Whenever I am free, I write to the Funday Times. But free or not I read the Funday Times every Sunday.
I was so sad that I couldn't write to the Funday Times for the past months because I was busy with the scholarship exam. But I always read the paper. When I need articles, pictures or details for school, I find them from the Funday Times. Every week I improve my knowledge by reading the Funday Times.

I learn new words, details about countries, animals, plants, trees, fruits, flowers and many more. I love to answer the fun quizzes too. I have won for the fun quiz, essay competition and Panther fun games. I hope to keep my hobby till I grow big. I thank the Sunday Times for publishing a paper like this for little ones like us.

My visit to Ice-cream Island

By Manith Goonaratne (Year 4), Asian International School

When I was going to India with my friends, our ship crashed and we were thrown onto Ice-cream Island. It was very cold and there were only nine other boys on the island. We used a currency called 'creams.' I felt funny and surprised when we stayed in an igloo.

The island was very nice and we played with ice-cream balls. It was so much fun! The other boys and I used ice-cream guns to play. We ate such a lot of ice-creams in different flavours because we could have anything we wanted.

But now I don't like it here because no-one can get out of here. But my mother and father came to visit me so there is nothing wrong in staying here now.

The park

By Naveeka Pelpola (Grade 2), Visakha Vidyalaya

The park is a nice place. It is the best place for us to play in because it has many swings, see-saws and slides. I go to the park with my sister and my parents. My sister is scared to go on the swings and slides. But I enjoy both of them. I love the park very much.

My mother

By Anjaly (9 years), Colombo South International School

My mother is very kind. Her name is Malathi. She cooks tasty food. She helps me to do my work. She is very fair. She is thirty eight years old. She has long hair. She is tall.

We both play when we finish our lunch and homework. Her favourite drink is apple juice. Her favourite colour is white. Her favourite animal is the lion and flower is jasmine.

She teaches me good habits. I love my mother a lot. My mother loves me too.

My favourite toys

By Kavinu Undugodage (7 years), S. Thomas' Preparatory School, Colombo 3

My favourite toys are my Ben10 car and my big long truck. My Ben10 car is green in colour. My truck is blue. My grandparents in Galle gave me the blue truck. It has ten wheels. I like to play with my toys.

My favourite sports

By Dinuka Mathaarachchi (10 years), Royal Institute International School, Nugegoda

Sports are very important for human beings. Everyone does sports to be healthy. My favourite sports are
cricket, cycling and athletics. Cricket is a very interesting and enjoyable sport. We can bat, field, and bowl when playing cricket. Two teams can play cricket.

I also play cricket with my brother in my leisure time. Cycling is also an important sport. I ride my bicycle with my brother. During our leisure time we have races on our bicycles.

My bicycle is a Tomahawk and my brother's is a Bitten. Athletics is also a very essential sport for our bodies because we can get rid of many illnesses by doing athletics. My brother and I do athletics at the grounds. It brings us happiness. When we do sports we win and lose, so we must agree whether we win or lose.

Sports teach us how to work together. When we do sports we refresh our minds. There is a saying that "Sports and games keeps us mentally fit," so it is good to do sports daily.

My school

By Sheneli Fernando (7 years), St. Bridget's Convent

My school is St. Bridget's Convent. It is in Colombo 7. It is a very big school. Our principal is Sr. Mary Renuka. My class is Grade 2s4. My class teacher is Mrs. Mihipali Amarathunga. I love my school. I am lucky to be a Bridgetine.

My lovely doll

By Hasna Kareem (13 years), Crescent Girls' School

Tring! Tring! Tring!
The postman has come
Oh! Today I have a letter
No, it is a gift

I took the gift
And I remove the pack
Wow, it is a doll
A lovely doll

It is very special,
Because it is made in Japan
My brother is in Japan
He has sent that gift
to me

I play with her
And I sleep with her
She is like a princess
So, I called her

Her hair is gold
Her eyes are like gems
Her cheeks are like a rose
If she is not there
I can't live
Because I love her
so… much

My brother

By Janani Nethmini (10 years), Kadangoda

My brother's name is Sadun Lalitha. He is eight years old. He is in Grade One. He can study well. He likes to go to school.

He gets up early in the morning and gets ready for school by himself. He is a very active little boy. I love him very much.

My lovely bunny

By Kaveesha Liyanapitharana (9 years), St. Nicholas International College, Negombo

I have a little bunny,
Which has a big tummy,
She is so white,
That she started to fight,
She is very tall,
In her tummy there is a small hole,
Her hair is so brown,
But she's like a clown,
I love my little tummy bunny.

My school bag

By Isuri Jayalath (7 years) , Dammissara N. S., Nattandiya

My school bag is my friend. It is always with me. Sometimes it is on my back. Other times it is beside me on the desk or near my bed.

My school bag is heavy but I like it. It has all the things I want, books, pencils, pen, eraser and ruler. It has five pockets. My mother puts the meal box at the bottom of the bag.

Journey through a forest

By Mufees Ismath (12 years), Lyceum International School, Ratnapura

Last week our science teacher told the class to bring a very exciting, strange plant. So I decided to go through a forest and my father accompanied me. We packed a camping bag and we started.
The forest was full of trees and it was very dangerous and I was searching for the plant but still hadn't found it. We went inside and inside.

On my way I found a humming bird with a beautiful beak and a mole trying to come out of the soil. Luckily we found a very strange, exciting plant and it had a heart shaped leaf with red veins. We plucked it and returned home.

I went to school in the morning and I showed my plant to our science teacher. She was very excited and all the children appreciated me.


By Nipuni Wanasooriya (Grade 7) , Royal International School, Kurunegala

Water is life. Without water, this universe is just another dead piece of sun. Water is very useful for living things. It helps us for drinking, washing and for many other activities. Water is a tiny dew drop.

In Sri Lanka, the monarch, Parakramabahu the Great said, not even a drop of water from the rain must flow into the ocean without being made useful for man. Parakramabahu was the first king of Sri Lanka at that time to realize that the first thing in the continuation of life is giving water to humanity.

He built the Parakrama Samudraya by diverting the rivers flowing in Ceylon and making seas of water. Rice fields feeding the entire country are fed by this system. Our entire cultivations, vegetables, coconuts, tea and rubber live on water.

Festivals in Sri Lanka

By Dewmalee Jayamanne (Grade 4) Sussex College, Kurunegala

There are many communities in Sri Lanka. They are Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and Burghers. So we have different festivals.

Sinhalese and Tamils celebrate the Sinhala and Hindu New Year. It falls on the 13th of April. They make lots of sweets. They have an auspicious time to cook milk rice. They have special sports.

Sinhala Buddhists celebrate Vesak and Poson. For Vesak they make pandols and decorate their houses with colourful lanterns. They go to temples on Vesak poya day. They also celebrate Poson in the month of June. Buddhism was introduced to Sri Lanka on this day.

Christians celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December. It marks the birth of Jesus Christ. They go to church. They decorate a tree with beautiful lights and balloons.

Hindus celebrate Deepavali in the month of October. It is the festival of light. Thai Pongal is
celebrated in the month of January. They worship the sun for helping the farmers in their cultivation.

Muslims celebrate Ramazan and Hadji festivals. Muslims fast during the Ramazan period. They pray at the mosque and enjoy good food.

All these celebrations make the people happy.

My home garden

By Saara Ramzy (8 years) Sussex College, Galle

I have a beautiful home garden. There are many flower plants. There is a beautiful pond in my home garden. There are lotus and olu in my pond. There are many kinds of fish in my pond. Ducks and swans swim in my pond in the day time.

There are different colours of flowers and different kinds of flowers. Bees and butterflies come to drink honey. Sometimes I can see small birds also there. I spend my leisure time in my garden.

I love my home garden very much.


By Chamodi Tharukshika (Grade 6), Sanghamitta Girls' College, Galle

At Christmas time there is laughing,
And good cheer, peace and goodwill,
Around the world.
For some weeks,
before Christmas day,
The shops are
Full of exciting things.
Mother and father,
Brothers and sisters and friends,
All go shopping.
Christmas is the time,
For giving and sharing.

My sister

By Savindu Edirisinghe (7 years), Holy Cross College, Kalutara

My sister's name is Senudi. She is two years old. She is a kind baby girl. Nanga looks like a doll. I like her very much.

Kids world


My favourite football player
My favourite football player is Neymar Jr.
Dos Santos. He was born in Sao Paolo in Brazil. He began to play football in local Futmas Leagues. He is the captain of the Brazilian football team. His club is Barcelona F.C.
I like Neymar because he scores many goals. One day I would like to be like Neymar.

Ranaka Dabarera (7 years)
St. Peter’s College, Colombo 4

My class teacher
My class teacher’s name is Ms. Disna Kumari. She is very kind. She teaches us Maths, Environment, Tamil, Buddhism and Sinhala. She teaches at Janadhipathi College, Kotte. She is very neat. I love my teacher very much.

Thevindu Dhamsith (Grade 5)
President’s College, Kotte

My pet
My pet is a squirrel. It is brown in colour. Its name is Browny.
One day Browny took some twigs, dry leaves and came to our house to make a nest. So I was very happy to see how it was making the nest. At last Browny made the nest in our window and came to settle in.
But one night when I was sleeping a stranger came into our house and took my dear Browny and went away.
When I woke up, I found that my Browny was missing. I was very sad. Then I ran downstairs and said to my sister that Browny was lost.
However, after one week, my mother noticed something moving on my window again and she called me and showed that Browny had come back again. I couldn’t believe my eyes and I was so happy. I love my dear Browny even more than before.

Hashmath Aroos (7 years)
Ilma Int. Girls School

My hometown

My hometown is Moratuwa. It is in the Western Province in the Colombo District. My town is near the sea.
My town is famous for carpentry work. There are many famous musicians from my hometown. Some of them are W. D. Amaradewa and Sunil Perera. Weera Puran Appu is one of the National Heroes from Moratuwa.
There are many important places in my hometown. There are temples, churches, post offices and hospitals. I am proud to be from Moratuwa.

Senadha Weerasooriya (9 years)
St. Sebastian’s College, Moratuwa

A moment of success

I am very keen to participate in competitions. My school gave me an opportunity to participate in an oratory competition.
My mother prepared me the speech. The duration was 6 – 8 minutes. I was wondering how to memorize such a speech. But I was not discouraged. I built up my self-confidence and I worked hard for it. I practiced for days and days.

The competition day came so soon and I felt very nervous. But I overcame that and had courage. When it was my turn to deliver the speech I started my speech with self-confidence. But halfway through I saw the judges looking at the stopwatch and discussing. Then I understood that my speech was too long and I had taken more than eight minutes. I felt so nervous at that time and I couldn’t remember the rest of the speech. I asked an excuse and looked at my speech. Then I continued and successfully finished my speech.

I waited curiously to hear the result and when the judges read out the results I was very happy to hear that I had got second place. I couldn’t believe it!
I thank God for my success.

Amana Anees (14 years)
Muslim Ladies’ College, Colombo 4

My first trip to Yala

I was very excited to hear that my parents had arranged a trip to Yala for my holidays. The day before,
we packed our suitcases and I was thrilled waiting for the next morning to leave. Early the next morning we got ready. I was happy as we got into my father’s jeep. Our party included my father, mother, younger sister, younger brother, seeya and achchi.
We travelled along the Southern Highway and reached JetwingYala. We had a snack and changed and went straight away to the pool.
We had a good swim and later went to the beach and played. Later we had dinner and slept early as we were tired.
Early next morning, we left for the Yala sanctuary. There we saw many animals, big and small. As we went with a guide, we were able to see elephants, deer, wild boar, peacocks and other small animals. We saw many birds also. We spent the whole day there and returned to the hotel in the evening.
The next day we could not leave the hotel as it was raining so we played inside. After enjoying ourselves for two and a half days, we were rather sad to check out from the hotel and leave for home.

Navindu Perera (Grade 4)
Royal College, Colombo

A visit to a historical place
The historical place I visited is Sigiriya. We woke up early in the morning. We packed our bags and filled big bottles of water. My mother made breakfast for us. One of my friends and cousin joined us.
We started. Within three hours we went to Sigiriya. First we saw many monkeys and many small shops.
When we were walking forward we  saw Sigiriya. It was beautiful. We bought mangoes for us to eat. Then we went inside the mouth of the lion. Some of my friends were frightened.

When we came out of the mouth we saw some pictures drawn of the queens of King Kasyapa. We started to climb the rock. When we climbed a little high, some of my cousins got down again because their legs were paining. There were many steps to climb.
We got some photographs of ancient pictures. There were some bees.
Somehow we climbed to the top of the rock. It was beautiful. We saw some ponds at the top. We learnt many things. And it was an enjoyable day for us.

Oneth Kahandawa (Grade 6)
Lyceum Int. School

The festivals of Sri Lanka
There are many communities in
Sri Lanka, such as Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims. So we have different festivals.
Sinhalese celebrate the Sinhala and Tamil New Year. It comes on Apri 13. They make a lot of sweets. They have an auspicious time to cook, eat, apply oil on the heads etc. Sinhalese Buddhists, to celebrate Vesak Poya, erect pandols, decorate their houses with colourful lanterns, give dansals and go to the temple.
Christians celebrate Christmas on December 25. They go to the church. They decorate a tree with beautiful lights and balloons. Hindus celebrate Thai Pongal and Deepavali. Muslims celebrate Ramazan and Hajji.
They pray at the mosque and enjoy  good food.

Shashini Jeewabandu (11 years)
Kalutara B.N.S.

My English teacher

My English teacher is  Mrs. Umayangani Ranchigoda. She lives in Sirimalwaththa. She is a contented person. She possesses good qualities. She enjoys helping students. My English teacher teaches good values to us. Her hobby is reading books. She gives us a lot of exercises to improve our English knowledge. She renders great service to the society. I am proud of her and love her very much.
Iruni Navodya
Good Shepherd Convent, Kandy

My wonderful dream
While I was sleeping on my bed I saw a beautiful dream. That is …
I passed the A/L examination and I came 1st rank in Jaffna district. I was very happy at that time. Then I went to Colombo University and I studied there well all the five years.
After I became a doctor one day, my family members and friends wished me ‘good luck’!
I worshipped my parents and grandparents as well as my brother who treats me with kindness. Then I went to my work place hospital.
I promised to treat the poor people with care but without money. There are many patients with so many diseases. I treated them with a lot of kindness. I gave correct vaccines for controlling their diseases. I was overjoyed that I do my duties and responsibilities as a doctor neatly and faithfully.
One day a little boy met with an accident and came to me for treatment. I worked hard and gave treatments but unfortunately he was dead. I was very sad and cried loudly.
My mother came near me and asked “Why are you crying?” Then I realized it was only a dream.
But it was my memorable sweet dream.

Shambavi Baskaran (Grade 9)
Vembadi Girls’ High School, Jaffna

Our new president
Our new President His Excellency Maithripala Sirisena was sworn in as the sixth Executive President of Sri Lanka on January 9, 2015.
He was born on September 3, 1951. He attended three schools: Polonnaruwa Laksha Uyana Vidyalaya, Thopawewa Maha Vidyalaya and Polonnaruwa Rajakeeya Vidyalaya (Royal College.)
His wife is Mrs. Jayanthi Pushpakumari. He has two daughters and one son. Their names are Dharshani Chathurika, Dharani Charika and Daham Tharaka.
It is our duty to extend our support to our new president to help him to bring people from all races and religions together to develop the country.

M.I.M. Fahad (Grade 5)
Zahira Int. School, Matale

Nature is green. It is like evergreen in the heaven. We are living in nature with everything. Trees are a kind of thing in nature, that give us flowers, fruits, leaves and carbon dioxide. We want to thank our god for giving us the
gift of nature.
Please do not cut trees in any way. Thank you for learning about this and grow more plants and be happy in your life with our beautiful environment as nature. Do not hurt nature in your life.

J. Jayshan (9 years)
Atamie Int. School, Wattala

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