Hi255 Unit 1 Assignment 2

HI255 Medical Coding IIType of Mapping: C) two to one _____________________________________________________________4. Indicate in the space provided if you feel the code is a “perfect match” illustration of the mapping or more of a “the best fit” along with the rational supporting the answer.Table 1:” perfect match ”_because of it only being one code and they bothmatch._________________________________________________________________Table 2: __” the best fit” because there is more than one way to code this procedure. ___________________________________________________________________Submitting your work:Submit your Assignment to the appropriate Dropbox. To view your graded work, come back to the Dropbox or go to the Gradebook after your instructor has evaluated it. Make sure that you save a copy of your submitted work.Grading Rubric Unit 1 Assignment: Assignment Requirements 20 PointsPoints possiblePoints earned bystudentA. -Type of Mapping correctly identified Table 1: -Type of Mapping correctly identified Table 2: 0-50-5B. - Type of match and rational sufficiently provided Table 1: 0 -50–5Total (Sum of all points)20

HI255 Medical Coding IIUnit 1 Assignment Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:Map a standard clinical terminology to a clinical code set.Map from one code set to another code set.Course outcome addressed in this Assignment:HI255-1:Apply mapping to ensure quality data, structure, and standards in the practice of coding.Instructions1. Review the information found in Doc Sharing on ICD-10-CM Mapping and the use ofGEMS (General Equivalence Mappings) including the following: 1.Using GEMS(PPT)2.Understanding Mapping(PPT)3.General Equivalence Mapping from CMS(PDF document). 4. What Mapping and Modeling Means to the HIM Professional 2. Review the information in your readings and examples below regarding “straightforward” mapping, “one to many” mapping, forward mapping, and backward mapping. EXAMPLE: Straight “forward” “Mapping ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM General Equivalence Mapping ICD-9-CM DIAGNOSIS CODE AND DESCRIPTION ICD-10-CM DIAGNOSIS CODE AND DESCRIPTION 003.21 Salmonella meningitisA02.21 Salmonella meningitis

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