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It is because of our national heroes that we got the Independence for our country and we got freedom and independence in our lives. Talking about few of the prominent national heroes who worked hard for our country and for people of our country, they are Quaid-e- Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Liaquat Ali Khan, Dr Abdus Salam, Allama Iqbal, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, Rashid Minhas, Major Shabbir Shareef Shaheed etc. It is due to these national heroes that we became an atomic power. Our national heroes guard and protect us from evil eye and from our enemies. so National Heroes Of Pakistan Essay

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

He is the real leader of Pakistan. He changed the world map and brought Pakistan as an independent and separate country on the world map. He is the founder of Pakistan. For the information, this great leaders was born on 25 December 1876. By profession, he was a lawyer. He came up with his Golden 14 points and rejected Nehru report. He brought the independence and freedom for Muslims and carve out separate country Pakistan which is based on the ideology of Islam.

Liaquat Ali Khan

He was the first prime minister of our country Pakistan. His date of birth is 1st October 1896 and he did his Graduation right from MAO College Aligarh. He completed his Degree of Law from the Oxford University. He was the Secretary Genernal of All India Muslim League in year 1936.

Abdul Qadeer Khan

It was because of this great and national hero that we Pakistanis became the atomic power. His date of birth is 1st April 1936 and he was born in Dar-ul-Iqba. He graduated in the subject of Science from some university of Karachi. He got his Master educational degree from some technology university located in Holland in year 1967. He too got his PhD degree in the subject of engineering from university of Levin Belgium.

National Heroes Of Pakistan Essay In Urdu, Narration

Dr. Abdus Salam

He was world known famous scientist who belong to the territory of Pakistan. He got Noble Prize. His date of birth is 29 january 1926 and was born in the place of Santokh Das district Sahiwal. He was the first Pakistan who got the Noble Prize. He got many gold medals. He got a Silver Medal in his degree program of B.A.Honors because he got 90.5 %. He got his Ph.D degree in the subject of physics from this Cambridge University.

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