Case Study Corporate Governance Satya Mev Jayate Season 2

This article is about second season of an Indian television talk show Satyamev Jayate. For other uses, see Satyamev Jayate (disambiguation).

The second season of Satyamev Jayate was premiered from 2 March 2014 on various channels within Star Network along with Doordarshan's DD National.[1] While Hindi is the primary language of the show, it is also dubbed and simulcast in several other Indian languages such as Bengali, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu.

The second season of Satyamev Jayate was supposed to have three installments. The first installment, a bunch of five episodes was aired in March, 2014. Second installments will go on-floor in the month of July 2014, and will be telecast in September, 2014.[2]

Episode 1: Fighting Rape[edit]

The Episode 1 began with 2012 Delhi Gang Rape Case. It highlighted the various facts and figures about rape incidents that occur in the country and focused on the problems that still mar a survivor from getting speedy justice. A survey that was conducted in MP in 2013 states 48% of the victims were wearing salwar kurta, 41% were clad in sari and 10% of toddlers wore frocks and pajamas at the time of the incident.[3]

Episode 2: Indian Police[edit]

In this episode, it highlights the issues faced by the police, talks about the attempts made to introduce reform so as to protect police from political interference which was ignored by state governments and demands for People's police force rather than a Ruler's police force in the country.

Episode 3: Dont Waste your Garbage[edit]

This episode highlighted the importance of waste management, negligence from the municipal corporations of Indian cities in managing the waste efficiently and several simple self sustainable ways of recycling & reusing the waste. Every year 1,60,000 megatons of waste is generated in India which is about 1.5 tons of waste per head per month.

Episode 4: Kings Every Day[edit]

This episode highlighted the fact that how politicians and government officials in a joint venture are swallowing our money which we pay as taxes.It also mentioned some of the scams which are gigantic worth thousand of crores.It focuses on the fact that it is not only important to pay taxes but also to be aware what is happening to the money which we are paying as taxes.

Episode 5: Criminalisation of Politics[edit]

This episode highlited about how criminals are entering into political life scenario of India. In the last episode, Aamir Khan not only focused on the criminal records of the politicians, but also showed how the commoners display no apprehensions in demanding money for their votes. Yes, while there is a section of voters that think their votes don't matter, there's another group of voters that willingly sells their votes for TV sets, money and refrigerator.


Sona Mohaptra came up with Bekhauff. Sona Mohaptra concluded the subject matter with Ram Sampath’s composition that was both thought-provoking and deeply moving.In last episode instead of Sona or Ram, famous singer Shankar mahadevan sang the song about importance of vote.

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