Nescafe Instant Coffee Case Study

This case study shows how newspaper advertising can play a major role in helping to build brand equity for food advertisers.


Using the launch of grocery giant Nestle’s NESCAFE Greenblend as the first in a series of case studies released by The Newspaper Works, this report shows that by including newspapers in the media mix, advertisers, especially in the FMCG category, can more effectively build a brand than by using TV alone.


NESCAFE Greenblend was launched in late 2008 to deliver to the needs of coffee drinkers who are increasingly seeking out healthy beverages without compromising on taste. Nestle’s challenge was to build a new instant coffee brand in a cluttered category with more than 50 choices on supermarket shelves.

The trusted environment of newspapers was used to deliver the product’s significant health claim, with ads that featured green and brown coffee beans working in partnership to deliver on the brand proposition. 

Key results:

  • Newspapers and TV helped increase brand equity by 21% compared to TV alone
  • 70% of newspaper recognisers could name the NESCAFE Greenblend brand and get the key message take-out correctly
  • Newspapers enhanced emotional response to TV by 52%
  • Newspapers outperformed TV in delivering taste, quality and emotive cues, considered likely factors in driving purchase
  • Newspapers + TV outperformed TV only on brand familiarity, brand uniqueness and brand quality
  • Actual trial for the launch was 23% above planned goal

Nestle Australia Consumer Insight & Planning Manager, Melanie Owens, said: “This research clearly demonstrated great results for newspapers. It’s proven that an effective newspaper advertising idea can definitely enhance TV advertising and build emotional brand values.”

The Newspaper Works CEO Tony Hale said newspapers played a vital role in building brand equity and the quality and taste cues that were crucial to trial. “If anybody believes newspapers can’t drive emotional connections, they need to read this report.”

More about this research:

The NESCAFE Greenblend case study is the first in a series of food category reports we will be rolling out as part of our Newspaper Effectiveness programme. Future studies include Jalna and Uncle Toby’s Oat Brits.

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Download the full report and presentation below or download key finding take-outs.


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